Urban living is convenient with reliable public transport, access to world-class facilities, great choices for entertainment and restaurants. But there are also lots of people, limited space and the fast-paced lifestyles make us burn out or envy the life that otheres have. Ispired by our travels all over the world and especially in Europe, Scandinavian furniture has taught us how to live in small spaces without the clutter and need for more.

We’ve embraced open plan kitchen-diner-living rooms in the name of hosting great parties, and just having more space without barriers. But are bathrooms the final frontier? When space is a luxury in itself, how do you create that luxury space that will suit the whole family?

Here are some of our favorite small bathroom ideas to make the most of your square footage:

  1. As you would do in any space in your property, always pick fixtures that are multi-functional 

Everything should have a purpose. Choose cabinets with mirrors and opt for shelves with wicker baskets if there’s not enough room for a full storage unit. Small bathroom ideas can be hip and on-trend if you choose to go vintage. Try a vintage dresser instead of the usual bulky bathroom cabinet. 


  1. Play with color

If the space is very small, all-white on everything is going to give the feel of a much larger space than it actually is. If that feels too boring, play with texture on tiles and with different materials for surfaces. Subway tiles, marble and mirrors can add variety to your whitewash.


  1. Let the light in

If you can, add a skylight, or make the most of your windows. As with the all-white everything touch, letting as much light into a space gives the illusion it is much larger than reality.


  1. Be creative with where you put your towel racks 

If wall space is precious, can they go above (or below) the sink? The same goes for radiators- can you fit in long standing ones that double as towel racks?


  1. Sliding doors save space

If your bathroom configuration allows it, a sliding door will reclaim the space needed for your door to open inwards. You could also choose an outward opening door too, but choose the side that opens out to the light switches.


  1. Small bathroom ideas don’t have to be boring

Choose accent colors, or feature walls, different materials. Brass and rose gold offer surprising alternatives to chrome fixtures and fittings. What about a masculine look with black taps and shower heads?


  1. Choose a walk in shower instead of a bath, or a shower tray unit

Lightly patterned floor tiles that extend all the way into a shower will fool the eye of a much larger space, and a clear shower door can add elegance in a simple way. All without breaking the bank and creating unity in the small space.


  1. Do your homework

What do you want out of your bathroom? Should it be easy to clean? Somewhere you can relax on the weekend in the tub? Do you want to show off your design flair to friends and family?

Pinterest is your friend. It might feel like it’s easy to get carried away by fantasizing over someone’s bathroom space, but variety is the key to understanding what might best suit your taste and space. It’s time to see what’s out there and get creative!


  1. Use greenery to create atmosphere

Plant might take up space, but they’ll change the feel of the room, plus they’re excellent for your wellbeing. Hang them from the ceiling, put them on top of the toilet. If there’s an awkward corner, hide it with a cactus!


  1. Work with a bathroom fitter, or interior designer that understands small spaces

Sometimes you have to start from scratch. It might feel counterproductive and costly to get a designer and bathroom fitter in when you are only making small adjustments, but an expert interior designer can actually save you time and money. A skilled bathroom fitter will understand your space and work with your design to make it look and feel effortless.

City living means old plumbing, unless you’re moving into a new-build apartment. A reliable bathroom fitter will understand what they’re working with and can recommend if you need new plumbing. It’s important to have a clear plan to avoid common  bathroom remodeling mistakes that will cost you more than you expected.  

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