4 Ways to Dress Your Windows

If you’re tired with the same old look of your rooms, isn’t it time for a change? So, why not try refreshing the look of your windows? Replacing them or just sprucing them up may surprise you how much the room looks different with just some small touches. If you’re lucky to be able to do some small renovations, most modern windows also provide energy saving functionality for your home, so you’ll have a green and trendy interior at the same time. Take a look at these tips on how to dress up your windows.

Tip #1 – Using Natural Materials

The use of green or eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, birch or maple is getting extremely popular, especially when bamboo materials are readily available in Asia. Go for wooden shades or blinds to bring a sense of nature into your home. Not only that, but wooden blinds are also great when it comes to providing a much needed escape from the sun during hot summer days. Alternatively, you can simply go for the classic wood shutters, which could easily refresh the overall look of every room.


Tip #2 – Try Clear Shades

Sheer shades are ideal for the early spring, but they can work quite well even as room partitions if you don’t have doors, knocked down a wall or to section off a small area for more privacy. If you’re now using thick curtains for your rooms, replace those with something lighter and airy. Whether it will be some shades or a different type of curtains, having some lighter colours would definitely brighten the way a room feels.


Tip #3 – Time To Go Bold

During the spring and summer months it is usually better to use the so-called cool colours, such as blue or green. Consider installing cellular shades, which will keep your place colder during the summer period. But instead of changing only the window coverings, you can also repaint part of the room too. This will bring a nice and smooth change in the way you see the room.


Tip #4 – Cellular or Roller Shades

These type of shades are great, because they can be precisely adjusted according to your preferences and it’s no surprise that more and more people opt for them for the added convenience. Both roller and cellular shades can be bought in various colours, shapes and sizes, adding versatility to the design of the rooms.


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