5 Low Budget Home Decor Ideas

Do you pin, repost and share pictures of home decor and designs you found online, hoping to recreate them in your home one day? Well, that day can come sooner than you think. While it’s nice to have big budgets, it is possible to recreate some of them with some innovative ideas.

There are plenty of ways to transform your home without a big budget. Here are 5 home décor ideas that you can easily achieve at a low budget.

Gallery Wall. Add personality to your walls by hanging photographs, collection of artworks, maps, or ephemera. A gallery wall adds colors and memories in the house with frames and things that you already have. You can start with just pictures or get more creative by personalising with things that you cherish such as postcards from your favorite vacations, a map, artifacts etc. Gallery walls are easy to design or just “go with the flow” and let it organically grow with every experience. Gallery walls look great in the living room, kitchen, library or study room, bedroom, or even in the bathroom.

Wall Mural. If you’re always wanted to get creative, why not try painting or drawing on your wall? If you are a little new to this, there are cut outs you can use to paint with, you can also add a huge painting or a printed wall mural. There are printed wall murals you can easily buy online (like our store on Decorworks) in custom sizes and install in a few simple steps, immediately transforming your place.

Floating Shelves. Like gallery walls, shelves can be works of art that adds beauty to your home. You can design them according to your needs and style. Floating shelves don’t have a visible attachment making them look clean and neat. They work great for small spaces and can be installed anywhere in the house. You can use them to display interesting objects or as storage space.

Indoor Plants. The cheapest way to transform your home, in our opinion, is to add small and/or big indoor plants. There is a wide selection of plants you can use indoors and the choices are not only limited to green plants. There are flowering plants you can bring indoors such as gerbera daisies and orchids to add color into your space. Bringing nature inside the house will make any room look gorgeous and relaxing. The best part is they are not only great as decor but improves the indoor air quality too. 

Appliances. Domestic appliances are often neglected as décors but they are found in almost every corner. When choosing appliances, make sure they match your overall decor so they match the look of the home. Upgrading to modern appliances will allow you to choose designs and colors that compliment each room. Start by replacing small appliances such as electric kettles and blenders as they are affordable compared to more key, larger items.

A tight budget isn’t the reason to not live in your dream home. Get creative and explore beautiful ideas, you’ll be surprise of what you can achieve with the budget when you get innovative.

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