5 Types of Window Glass for Renovations or Repair

Glass is a building material that does not only insulate us from any excessive temperature, but it also helps us control air flow and light inside your office building or at home. It is important to know the most popular types of window glass available in the market before you choose one for your new renovation or repair project.

Here are the most popular types of glass available in the market that you can consider for your project:

Tinted Glass
This type of glass has the ability to absorb & re-radiate solar energy in order to reduce heat, so it’s best used for cost efficient climate control. The glass is not only aesthetically appealing, but has the ability to reduce sun glare too. Often available in different colors such as bronze, blue, green and grey.

Clear Float Glass
It’s a distortion free and visually colorless glass type that offers high clarity and light transmission in the daylight. This type of glass is most commonly used in doors and windows and it’s a core base product for performance glass products.

Reflective Glass
If you are looking for a Window Glass that can offer greater solar control than standard tinted glass, then the next best option is reflective glass. This type of window glass can create a specific visual appearance and is available in different colors such as neutral, grey, blue, bronze, clear and green.

Laminated Glass
This glass type is marked as “Grade A Safety Glass.” If you want to have improved sound insulation properties, more security, and better insulation properties, then you need to choose laminated glass. Laminated glass is one of the most popular glass types available on the market and you can get it in different types such as tinted, clear, low-e, and reflective glass.

Low-E Glass
Low-E (low emissivity) glass has the ability to reflect the thermal radiation or inhibit emission in order to reduce heat transfer through glass. Rather than absorb, low-e glass reflects radiation and improves insulation. Choose from a variety of colors such as grey, neutral, clear, and blue.

Apart from the list above, there are also some other types of window glass available in the market such as double glazing and toughened, etc. So before you begin your renovation plans, make time to know their characteristics so that you are going to buy the most appropriate window glass for your window repair project.

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