5 Ways Your Mattress Affects Sleep & Health

If you have been feeling too tired and lethargic no matter how long you’ve slept, and no matter how many healthy recipes or mindfulness remedies you’ve tried, then it’s time to look at how you sleep.

Believe it or not, if you’re tried everything you can think of or been recommended with, the most possible reason you’re not getting a good night’s sleep could be your own mattress! Your mattress might be the cause of reducing sleep quality and affecting your health. So how and what ways could your mattress affect sleep which dominos to affect the state of your health?


Heart problems: Your body needs ideally 8 hours of sleep to recuperate and strengthen the heart health. People who get lesser than necessary sleep are more at risk of getting heart diseases. If you are not comfortable on your existing mattress and because of that, not getting enough sleep, do not procrastinate and get a new, more comfortable one for you. Your heart will appreciate the change for good.

Memory problems: Our memories are stacked neatly in the right order of the brain while we are sleeping. If you don’t get enough sleep these memories will be affected and it becomes difficult to remember something when we need to. Occasional forgetfulness is fine and is also normal, but memory issues that are stretched for too long may have serious consequences. For instance if you are sleep deprived and have tried everything else, then it’s time to change and find another kind of mattress to change your sleep pattern.

Obesity: Drowsiness during the mornings and throughout the day is one sign that we all relate back to sleep deprivation. In more serious conditions, insomnia can lead to weight gain and even obesity. Sleep deprivation is one main cause for overeating that happens at both during night and day. The drowsiness makes us lazy to do any real physical activity, which also adds to weight gain and prolonged condition leads to obesity.

Premature ageing: Yes it’s true! Lack of sleep is a possible cause for pre-mature ageing, not-to-mention baggy eyes in the morning resulting in cosmetics we dab on the skin to cover it all up. All this causes the skin to get “clogged up” and age. Studies have also revealed that women who have enough sleep are able to retain their youthful skin. Perhaps getting a better mattress and having a good night’s rest is better than expensive anti-ageing creams?

Weak immunity: Our body needs its rest time and that dedicated period is when we are asleep. When sleep is disrupted due to an uncomfortable mattress, we stop our bodies from truly getting the rest it needs. A non-rested body will have poor metabolic and absorption rates which in-turn leads to poor or weaker immune system. All sorts of allergies, respiratory disorders, skin irritation etc. are readily affected if we are not sleeping well.

Convinced yet about getting a good night’s rest is the right way to a healthy lifestyle? Another useful tip to maintain your mattress is to turn it every few months, and try to vacuum your mattress every month or two. Isn’t it time you invested in better sleep? Once you invest in better sleep, you’ll feel brand new in no time at all. 

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