6 Decorating Mistakes To Avoid In The Bedroom

No one likes a messy and cluttered bedroom. This is the place where you spend a third of your life sleeping in, so it has to live and breathe comfort. Fill your bedroom with personal items that remind you about self-care and to relax.


1. Old Photos or Posters

Old photographs recount memories and this could make it hard to more forward in life at times. Try not to place more than 1-2 old photos in the room to avoid any overcrowding. You should also refrain from hanging posters or any imagery that depicts water, such as a lake or the ocean which is considered bad fengshui and symbolises money loss. Always place decorative items such as picture frames and lamps in matching pairs to create balance and harmony in the bedroom. Remember that change is good.

2. Messy Table 

If you do have a work desk in the bedroom, it should be well organised and try to keep any papers inside the drawers or a cabinet. There should be a difference between the bedroom and your workplace, so put things in the study room and definitely keep electronics out of the bedroom at least an hour before bedtime.

 3. No Mountain of Clothing

If opening your wardrobe terrifies you, then it’s time to change that. Try to arrange your wardrobe according to colour or purpose. Pack away clothing that you do not wear too often and separate clothes according to special occasions. A great way to organise is to pack clothes with different purposes together using organiser bags or cubes that you might usually use for travelling. They make good organisers for your home wardrobes too.

4. Soft Toys

Soft toys are cute, but they should not take a dominate place in your bedroom unless you’re decorating the kids’ rooms. Dust can accumulate on soft toys and trigger allergies.

5. Old Sheets

Immediately change old, dirty bedsheets especially if there are any holes in them even if they are tiny ones. Treat yourself to luxurious cotton or silk sheets and have at least 2 sets to wash and change your sheets on a regular basis. It’s recommended to change your bedsheets at least once a week.

6. Plants

This is a controversial one because if you follow fengshui, this is a definitely no-go. Not a single plant in the bedroom because it represents growth and could be seen as interfering with your rest. Otherwise, some fresh flowers or a small plant or two could bring some nature into your bedroom. 

Remember your bedroom, your design. Make the time you relax in the bedroom, time for yourself to refocus and recharge after a long day. When you surround yourself with things that make you feel happy, not only do they lift your spirits, but you’ll wake up more energised and ready to go!


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