Whatever you can dream of ...
We can create it with A.I.


If you’re new to the world of art generated by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), our team can help you to get started. 

Using A.I.  ‘Prompt Engineering’, you can dream up any kind of imagery and art. At its most basic, it’s just using words to paint a picture of what you want to create. You can also add and modify existing images. In this guide we’ll show you a few basic prompts to be able to dream up your personalized art. Anything you can dream of, we can create it for you. 

1. Start with a Prompt

This is the simplest way of describing the central theme, subject, or figure in your prompt.

The ‘Core Prompt’ can be, for example,

  1. Panda eating bamboo
  2. A fairy with a magic wand
  3. Icelandic landscape with farm house

The core subject can be as imaginative as possible.

2. Choose a Style

Style is a crucial part of the prompt. The AI model, when failing to recognize a requested style, usually defaults to the most common in related images.

For example, given the core prompt of “landscape,” the model would likely generate landscapes that were realistic or in the style of an oil painting.

Having a well-chosen style together with an effective core prompt is sometimes enough to create a fully-realized concept; after the core prompt, the choice of style influences your final image the most in a simple prompt.


“An oil painting of a panda”
“A pencil drawing of a panda”
“A landscape painting of a panda habitat”
"A realistic photo of a panda"

3. Define any Style

To make your style more specific, or the image more coherent, you can use artists’ names in your prompt. 

For instance, if you want a very abstract image, you can add “in the style of Pablo Picasso” or just simply, “Picasso”.

Here are some well-known artists that can be used to define style:

Portrait Artists

  • John Singer Sargent
  • Edgar Degas
  • Paul Cézanne
  • Jan van Eyck

Oil Painters

  • Leonardo DaVinci
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Johannes Vermeer
  • Rembrandt

Pen/Pencil Illustrators

  • Albrecht Dürer
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Michelangelo
  • Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

Landscape Artists

  • Thomas Moran
  • Claude Monet
  • Alfred Bierstadt
  • Frederic Edwin Church

Note: Mixing the artists’ names can lead to interesting-looking art unlike anything any artist invoked ever made.

4. Finishing Touches

Finishing touches are the additional elements added to your prompt to really personalize the image the way you have envisioned it. This is the part that you can take to the extremes.


You can add anything you want for a finishing touch, but here are some examples that work well:

Highly-detailed, surrealism, trending on artstation, triadic color scheme, smooth, sharp focus, matte, elegant, illustration, digital paint, dark, gloomy, octane render, 8k, 4k, washed-out colors, sharp, dramatic lighting, beautiful, post-processing, picture of the day, ambient lighting, epic composition


For the example on the left, the prompt was summarised to, “An oil painting of a panda by Leonardo da Vinci and Frederic Edwin Church, highly-detailed, dramatic lighting”


Use your own Image

The same sequences can also be used with an image instead of prompting only with text.


Submit an original image to our design team. Define how you would like to modify your image. Don’t worry, we do all the work for you.

This is also one of the most popular ways to create different avatars from a real-life photo image. This service can be used to generate hundreds of images for NFT art, please talk to our team here 


Isolated Hex Bolt 3D Render Letter 1
Isolated Hex Bolt 3D Render Letter 2
Isolated Hex Bolt 3D Render Letter 3

Choose from the option of printing your AI Art onto a canvas frame or a metal plate

We can also mint your AI Art as an NFT to a WEB3 digital gallery on your own WEB3 domain, talk to our team here

Decide on your main subject, design style and any other elements you would like to add to your art piece.

Fill up the AI Design Form here


Our design team will get in touch to discuss your core prompt parameters. 

Once the AI Art is created, we will send you up to 2 choices to choose from, and the final image will be printed onto canvas or a metal plate. 

Once delivery is on its way to you, a shipment tracking number will be sent to you via email and updated in your DecorWorks account

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