For many people, the kitchen is usually the center of the household and where people gather the most. 

Kitchen sink styles are often a matter of taste and personal preferences, but there are functional considerations that you should take into account when selecting your sink. While sinks are one of the most important focal points to any kitchen, there are many different types of sinks to choose from. Sinks are the hardest working appliances in your house, they carry off dirt and waste water and prevent any back wash. 

Scandinavian kitchen

When you look for a sink, you’re looking for something that makes your kitchen pop. But not all sinks are created equal. There are a lot of options out there… granite, stainless steel, lacquer, under-mount or top-mount, etc., which means you have an entire range of options and colors to consider. Remember, when it comes to your kitchen design, there are three aspects of your kitchen that are the most important to coordinate: the sink, the stove and the table. 

Scandinavian kitchen

Self-rimming sinks

Self-rimming, also known as top-mount or drop-in sinks, are the most commonly used type of basins. One of the most popular styles for sinks, self rimming and drop in sinks sit on top of the surface you are placing it on. The sink comes with a border around it, creating the “rim” sitting above the countertop, supporting the basin which is entirely below the counter. Usually, stainless sinks have a low-profile “rim”, while cast-iron and ceramics have a higher profile rim. As the name suggests, the sink is “dropped in” to a countertop’s pre-cut hole, leaving the sink’s edge exposed and resting on top of the counter so it’s quite easy to install. Drop-ins are much harder to clean because food particles may get stuck between the sink and the countertop. It’s good to regularly clean with a paper towel and wipe off the area where the faucet connects to it.

Domestic kitchen with clean sink and countertop

Farmhouse sinks

Renovating your farm house, or considering buying one? If you can’t afford a farm house like most people, you can still consider getting the look when renovating your kitchen. Farm sinks are lovely kitchen sinks. They are the most functional, elegant, durable and nostalgic of all kitchen sinks. A one-piece sink with high back, it’s striking look is often a central part of the kitchen. Farm sinks are an entire sink unit which intentionally breaks the flow of the counter top. They have a finished front wall which leads directly up and over into the basin of the sink. Farm sinks are made of many materials, but the most attractive ones are made of granite, marble, porcelain, fireclay or travertine. The rock travertine is a natural chemical precipitate of carbonate minerals, and natural stone sinks are very strong and durable. When pure, travertine is white, but often is brown to yellow due to impurities. However, being a natural stone, it does require some care and regular cleaning, unlike the modern durability of farmhouse stainless steel sinks. For the heavily-used kitchen, granite farm sinks are the most practical.

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Interiors of the Modern Kitchen

Under mount kitchen sinks

Under mount kitchen sinks are less common, harder to install and are more expensive. However, more and more homeowners are budgeting for them because of its aesthetic appeal especially for marble countertops. They come with cutouts in the countertop creating a lip which is where the sink is placed. With under-mount sinks, cleaning up is a breeze as food spills around the countertop are easily cleared into the sink. The best part of this sink is that it can be removed and repaired if necessary. The only thing you need to check for is that if not properly sealed, water will be able to trickle behind the counter top and cause damage over time.

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Bump-out sinks
If you don’t have enough room for the sink that you want, in this case, a bump-out can be built. A bump-out is where the counter top and cabinet at the sink extend several inches away from the wall, out into the kitchen, to provide a bit more space for the sink. Bump-outs can be extremely attractive, especially to highlight a particularly beautiful sink, which is quite ideal for the farmhouse sink look.

All things considered, our hot pick is still the farmhouse kitchen sink, a lovely addition to any kitchen decor. 

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Modern stylish Scandinavian kitchen interior with kitchen accessories.
Stylish modern kitchen
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