Home lighting can enhance the look of any decor and add to the ambiance of your rooms. Day or night, the right lighting can play a huge part in creating the most cosy environment for you and your family. Whether it’s a big or small space, some lighting concepts remain the same. 

Proper lights are one of the essential elements that can affect the look of a home, literally with the flick of the switch. The right light sets the warm temperature and ambience of the environment, or becomes part of any practical solution for your space.

Here are some decorating tips to try at home:

Light coloured lighting fixtures 

Choose white and light coloured lighting fixtures that have softer shades to allow more light through. Dark colours will make the room or area seem shallow. The soft light will bounce off any glossy interior furniture and your walls to create a more radiant atmosphere for the space. Take advantage of natural light as much as feasible at some point of the day and open up your home windows. A block out blind will do the trick when you want to limit the light through your windows. At night, choose LED and eco-bulbs.


Light the corners of the room

Putting lighting fixtures around the corners of the room can create illusions of more width and height making the room look larger and welcoming. Accessories like table lamps, when placed in a dimly lit location can make centrepiece furniture stand out. In the dining room, pick out unique centrepiece lighting and make that the brightest lighting in the room. If you have a small space, use smaller lighting fixtures but place them strategically above the dining table so that you can dim the dining area or increase the brightness any time you like, depending on the function and necessity at that time. If you have the space, you can consider placing other highlights around the dining area to accentuate the space.


Bedside reading lamps 

Make the reading room or bedroom comfy and functional with pleasant table lamps or bedside lighting. If your bed is cornered in and space is limited, it is still a good idea to place one lamp and bedside table. Other space-saving ideas would be to attach wall lamps on either side of the bed with a central control system in the centre for convenience. The trick to bedroom lighting is to centre the bed and always have things in pairs, so that the bed is highlighted to be in the centre of the room’s focal point.


Attach lighting fixtures onto mirrors

Harness your internal Hollywood vibe and placed a few lighting around the mirror in the bathroom. Or how about a nice mirrored bedside table? Check out more ideas on our blog issue of Vanity Mirrors


Don’t forget to have some highlights around the room even if the area is narrow or small. Specific lighting fixtures can make the space or room seem bigger than they actually are and adds function to small spaces such as beneath your kitchen cabinets.


Block-out Blinds

On the other side of the spectrum, block out blinds on the other hand can completely control the amount of light you have at home, at a lower cost. They also offer a blank canvas to paint and colour on.


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