Beauty of Concrete Flooring

If you’ve been considering concrete flooring instead of traditional wood or tiles, then read on to find out its benefits and get some essential tips. Concrete flooring can have a raw finished look or a polished finish, but one if preferred over the other.

Concrete flooring has become very popular because of the growing appreciation of its beauty and influence of simplicity and minimalistic designs. Polished floors make use of concrete polishing that is a ground substance polished to achieve a certain look. Polished concrete is a very generic term that relates to some decorative alternatives for flooring that end up leaving a concrete surface exposed as the last final and last floor finishing. The polishing process is very complex, and it involves several technical issues that include, making it dense, levelling, polishing and sealing the floor while inside the concrete surface.


There are many  advantages of polished floors. First of all, they are affordable and concrete floors are recommended as a green alternative which is eco-friendly, green and favourable to the environment.

Concrete polishing on the floor is reflective; this creates less need for lighting because it can reflect light back in the room. This combined with its ability to absorb and emit light within the house makes it stand out as a great option for energy saving.

Areas in the home with concrete polishing are also much attractive compared to unpolished concrete, although some home decor would still look great with either one. The key advantage of polished floors is easier maintenance over time, with lesser repairs. Anything that is done out of concrete can be polished for a full glossy effect. Most commonly found on flooring , concrete polishing can be done on walls furniture and even bench tops.





















This makes it more competitive with other flooring stones used for flooring like marble, slate and granite at lower cost. Here are some of the advantages of polished concrete flooring:

Polished floors can be sustained

Individuals willing to construct a home that is environmental friendly are among the first people to benefit from polished concrete floors. Sealed concrete has extremely low effect on the environment. If your home is built on an existing concrete slab, sealing and sanding the concrete gets away with the urge for additional environmental flooring that is expensive.

It is easy to maintain

Most traditional flooring need a lot of work to maintain. For instance, carpeting must be vacuumed, floor boards should be waxed, marble floors require good and special cleaners prone to scuffs. On the other hand, polished concrete floors iare resistant to stains and scuffs, and easier to mop. This can save you hours of cleaning and costs.

Treated concrete is of high value

Besides being incredibly sustainable, concrete is also less costly when it comes to flooring options available on the market. It comes already fixed in some homes because many houses are built on concrete slabs foundation. The common route would be the addition of vinyl, timber, tile or carpeting laid over the concrete slabs. As concrete surfaces reflect light, this makes the house cooler in summer time and this helps in reducing the cost of lighting inside the house too.

Sealed concrete floors are durable and beneficial to health

Well treated concrete floors are among the most durable floors in the world. A well treated floor is expected to last for decades that’s why it’s the preferred choice for commercial units and retail stores with high foot traffic.

Polished concrete leaves no place for dust mites to gather and exposed bacteria are no longer trapped between the floor boards and tiles. Putting concrete flooring is the first step towards creating an environment free from allergies.


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