Fold it, pack it, shelf it up high, deck chairs and foldable chairs are a staple in every household. We take a look at the reasons why we can’t live without them.

Tip #1 – A Design That Has Stood The Test Of Time

Deck chairs have an amazingly simple design – made up of a wooden frame with a piece of canvas or polyester fabric attached on two ends to form the backing and seat of the chair. That’s it! The fabric portion, also called the sling, is usually pretty colorful and is an easy way to add a dash of color to an outdoor space that needs it. Since there are no cushions and extra accessories, deck chairs are really lightweight so they can be moved and of course taken out and put away with minimal effort. A huge benefit of their frame is that it was actually made to fold flat so as to save storage space on boats. Homeowners get to take advantage of this well-thought of feature today too and in fact you can keep quite a large number of chairs even in relatively small space. Needless to say this is very popular in Hong Kong homes and even homes all over Asia.


Tip #2 – Use Them Anywhere You Want

Hands down the most popular place to use deck chairs is around the pool, on the patio, and in the garden. If you’re lucky to have these spots at home, woohoo! They are ideal for hanging out in the sun, reading a book, or just enjoying your outdoor space in style. However since they are so lightweight, they are also a fantastic piece of furniture to travel with for camping etc. If you love to fish, deck chairs are the most relaxng way to do it, and are easy to carry to your favorite spot. And of course on the beach deck chairs will have you enjoying the sights, sounds, and sun without having to get all sandy as you would normally sitting on beach furniture. Plus, they’re just way more stylish anyway.


Tip #3 – Even More Options Than You Thought

Portable deck chairs can be used for all the outdoor fun that camping chairs are commonly used for, from the woods, to the beach, or at the local sports games and matches. They actually look very similar to camping chairs but are different in that they can support people who are much heavier in weight, because they are sturdier, wider, and often have accessories like tables attached for more comfort and convenience. Boat deck chairs are specifically made to be used on boats. They use marine grade vinyl fabric and can handle all the abusive conditions of the sea and weather that goes along with it. Boat deck chairs also happen to be the safest type of portable seats you can use on a boat as they won’t move around and their legs can be locked in position so they don’t fold on their own when the water gets really rough.

As you can see deck chairs are not only very versatile but come in quite a few varieties as well as have their own unique advantages. From the patio to the sea, deck chairs are just handy to have around.



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