Best Thrift Stores in Portland, OR

Thrift store shopping in Portland, Oregon, is a delightful adventure that captures the essence of the city’s eclectic and eco-conscious culture. With an array of vintage boutiques, curated consignment stores, and community-driven thrift shops, Portland offers a diverse selection of pre-loved goods waiting to be discovered. From funky clothing and retro furniture to unique accessories and collectibles, each thrift store in the city tells a story, reflecting the rich tapestry of its vibrant community. Thrifters and bargain hunters alike can embrace the thrill of the hunt, unearthing hidden gems and embracing sustainable shopping practices that align with Portland’s values. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the city, thrift store shopping in Portland promises a fulfilling and socially responsible experience, where each purchase becomes an opportunity to add character to your style while treading lightly on the environment. Amidst the laid-back atmosphere and friendly locals, thrifting in Portland becomes a chance to add individuality to your style, contribute to environmental conservation, and immerse yourself in the city’s creative and socially responsible community.

1. House of Vintage
A mecca for vintage enthusiasts, House of Vintage boasts a massive collection of curated clothing, accessories, and décor from various eras. This sprawling emporium delights shoppers with its nostalgic charm and is a must-visit for those seeking a blast from the past.

2. Red Light Clothing Exchange
A beloved destination in Portland, Red Light Clothing Exchange offers a curated selection of stylish secondhand clothing, shoes, and accessories. With an emphasis on quality and on-trend items, this store caters to the fashion-conscious thrifter.

3. Goodwill Bins
For the ultimate thrill-seekers and bargain hunters, the Goodwill Bins is an experience like no other. With items sold by the pound, shoppers dig through bins to discover incredible deals and unique finds.

4. Buffalo Exchange
A favorite among young and trendy Portlanders, Buffalo Exchange is a buy-sell-trade store with a focus on fashionable secondhand clothing. Here, thrifting becomes an opportunity to revamp your wardrobe with stylish and affordable pieces.

5. Artifact
Located in the vibrant Mississippi Avenue neighborhood, Artifact is a unique thrift store specializing in carefully curated vintage home décor and furniture. This store is a treasure trove for those seeking to add character and charm to their living spaces.

6. William Temple House Thrift Store
Not just a thrift store but also a charitable organization, William Temple House Thrift Store offers a mix of clothing, household items, and collectibles. Shopping here contributes to helping those in need, making it a fulfilling and socially responsible experience.

7. Hollywood Vintage
A Portland institution, Hollywood Vintage features a fantastic collection of vintage clothing and accessories spanning several decades. This store’s delightful ambiance and friendly staff add to the joy of discovering unique pieces.

8. Rerun
A favorite among locals for over two decades, Rerun is a consignment store offering high-quality secondhand clothing, shoes, and accessories. With new items added regularly, there’s always something fresh to discover.

9. Village Merchants
Located in the charming Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood, Village Merchants is an antique mall housing various vendors offering vintage and retro finds. From clothing to collectibles, this store celebrates the beauty of bygone eras.

10. Animal Traffic
For lovers of vintage and streetwear, Animal Traffic is a gem. This store features a carefully curated selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories, making it a go-to spot for unique and trendy finds.

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