High-quality bed sheets are expensive and need more attention and care to keep its shine and last longer. Here are some handy tips to make the process easier on your sheets. 

Taking into consideration the number of hours we spend in bed, it makes sense to reward ourselves with high-quality sheets and in-turn to take good care of our bedsheets. Following the Kon-mari method, we should always try to surround ourselves with things that spark joy and to appreciate and give thanks to the things we use. So be good to your sheets!



For the sheets to retain their ‘crisp look’ for some time, you should wash them regularly. Avoid using bleach as it can easily damage the fabric. If you want to brighten the sheets you should use ¼ lemon juice instead of bleach.

You should do the washing with lukewarm water that is less than 104 °F/ 40°C. If you are using a washing machine you should set the wash cycle on “gentle” as the sheets are usually not that dirty. To reduce wrinkles you should remove the sheets as soon as the cycle is over.

If you live in a small home and don’t have a large space to dry your sheets, we have found folding them into long vertical folds and hang to dry with a dehumidifier keeps it neat and wrinkle free for easier folding when dry.


2. Drying

If it’s possible you should dry the bed sheets on an outside clothesline that isn’t under direct sunlight. If you have to use a clothes dryer, reduce the damage brought about by high temperatures by setting the dryer to low heat and avoid over drying to prevent wrinkles.

Once dry you should remove the sheets and fold them as soon as possible. A practical trick is to hand press the sheets as you fold to remove excess wrinkles. If you forgot to take out the sheets in the dryer and wrinkles have set in, simply toss a clean damp cloth into the dryer and dry the sheets again for another five or ten minutes. To have a clean and attractive looking bed, and if you really have the time or the extra help, then we recommend ironing the upper section of the sheets.


3. General Tips

For the sheets to wear out evenly you should rotate them. To always have a clean bed and be organised, we recommend having three sets of sheets per bed: one set should be on the bed, one in storage and the other in the laundry.

To prolong the life of your bedsheets you should change them every week. This is not only good for your sheets, but for you too as we tend to sweat a lot in bed, even if it isn’t too obvious. Depending on your physique and health, we can sweat up to 1 litre per night! We also recommend to bathe before you sleep, as part of a nighttime routine to rejuvenate your body and senses. This way you will keep dirt, oils, and sweat out of the bed.

These are the essential tips on how to take care of your bedsheets. To keep the bedsheets lasting longer, you can also try using a mattress pad in-between the mattress and bottom sheet. For a clean bed, always clean the pad every couple of months or a few months with a bed vacuum to get rid of any accumulation of bacteria or dust mites.

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