Change The Way Your Home Looks With Personalised Items

It can feel like a mammoth task to redecorate your home, so here are some tips to help you hone in on the small touches you can personalise  and make that space truly yours. 

Besides selecting elegant and stylish home décor items, coming up with unique decorative ideas, and picking a design that shows off your creativity, your home will only start to be truly yours when you personalise the home décor.


Items such as decor accessories, home fragrances, pottery, plants, blankets, cushions, folding screens, personalised wallpaper and roller blinds are some of the home décor items to give your home a new look:

Personalised Home Décor and Accessories

Using personalised and customised home décor items can actually make your home look good and stylish, especially if you customise a photograph into a photo frame or add seashells you collected from a pristine beach from your last vacation to the frame itself – it all depends on your taste and preference. Make a chalkboard from a photo frame and write love notes for your loved ones, or affirmations for yourself. The photograph can be a canvas portrait or landscape, or a picture you took while on vacation or of a special event – whatever the case might be, you can use your creative side to make that ordinary photo look extraordinary after you are done with it.

How about dressing up a shelf or room with home fragrances that invigorates you when you walk into the room, or helps you to relax while reading a book in bed? Some flowers and fragrances on your dresser is also a nice touch to your bedroom.



Change the Look of Your Home with Canvas Prints

A canvas print is a type of wall art that can either have one single photo or an entire collection of photos. The photos are usually printed on a woven, high quality canvas, which is usually spread out or stretched out on a high grade wooden frame, which makes it a wonderful piece of art. If you do have the wall space, try to go for multiple number of images rather than one image, as this gives the canvas a much more vibrant look or hang the canvases as a series of three canvases to extend that panoramic photograph.


Customised Wallpaper to Change Your Walls

People often think that wallpaper is hard work and expensive, but if you shop carefully from wholesale stores and websites, you can actually save some money, and give your home and your walls the look you so desire. There are also customised wallpapers that allow you to print any kind of image you want to paste on your walls. Mix and match with light and bright colours and add some images of your own to make the wallpaper even more interesting.


Photo Cushions and Blankets for Your Couch or Bed

Photo cushions and blankets not only look cute, but are also perfect home decor items if you want to give your home a personalised look. You can use photographs of your family members, including your pets, and even photos of your favourite vacations on the cushions and blankets to keep those memories alive. Apart from being efficient and comfortable home decor items, you can use these cushions and blankets either on your couch in the living room, or on your bed in the bedroom. There are also custom curtain retail shops that will make cushion designs in standard or custom sizes to your liking.


Roller Blinds and Folding Screens

People buying folding screens for their homes because they have a variety of uses and purposes. You can actually divide a large space in your home into two medium sized living areas with the help of a folding screen. Basically, it can be used as a temporary wall as well as a unique home decor item. You can add a photo on the screen to make it look more personal. You can also personalise roller blinds in a similar way, by adding a photo on it. When the blind is closed, the picture will be visiblepastedGraphic.png, and it will disappear once the blind is opened.


Let your Roots take place

At DecorWorks, we think plants are just the designer’s ultimate weapon to transform any space. Plants help to purify the air in the home, eases tired eyes and who doesn’t like a little bit of nature inside the home? Get creative with flowers, green plants and have fun picking out the right pots.

Matching pots along the window sill in the kitchen

Artistic green centrepiece against a greenmail backdrop

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