Choosing a Front Door

The entrance of the house and front door offers the biggest first impression to make a statement. Therefore choosing a design wisely will give it the aesthetic appearance to make a grand entrance. Even a pop of colour will often do the trick. 

These days, home decor and furnishing ideas are more demanding because everything is customised and planned accordingly based on a theme, no matter how much space you have. Even minimalism is a theme right? 

The front door often makes the first impression and statement to visitors about what to expect in your home, before they enter. Over the years, door designs have evolved with many design elements, glazing options and advanced tech security. Start with an affordable budget for the door design and then decide as a family what sort of alarm and security system you really need. There are so many options to choose from with cameras, gadgets and locks you can easily connect to with your mobile phone. If you’re starting out and just don’t know where to start looking for connecting home devices, a good place to have a look at what’s out there is a website called 

The first thing to consider is, if you want the entrance to be a more modern design or a traditional alternative. Whichever you choose, there shouldn’t be any compromise in security options. Modern, as well as traditional designs both are equally capable of handling advanced security features. It also doesn’t mean that your choice must be restricted to a wooden door. You can choose from aluminium patio, French, commercial or Bi-Fold UPVC doors, as they add a distinct style to the exterior and interior of your home. Talk to our design team who can easily create a CAD drawing and conceptualise the look of your entrance before you head out to look at door options in your neighbourhood. 

After the design is finalised, the next step is to select the material of the door. What material are you looking for? Composite, wood, aluminium, UPVC or any other material that’s available locally. The selection typically depends on the design you have, so both design and material should complement each other. 

Next, you should look at glazing options. Decide whether you want glazing to be a part of your design or not? Or you can choose to keep the door natural or raw. Glazing is a good option to consider, other than having glass panels in your front door because it allows more natural light to enter your house and it brightens up the dark hallway. In the past, you would also consider the thickness of the door and door peepholes used to be available, but these days, no one uses them in the design anymore as you can easily install security cameras in your driveway or just outside your door and view from your mobile phone. 

Last but not least, you need to consider security. Many door designs and materials allow advanced security options such as locking mechanisms, automation and privacy needs. Take the time to find out and research about security mechanisms before deciding which is best for your new front door.

Besides traditional wooden doors, aluminium doors have been growing in popularity because these doors are strong, durable, secure and are also good from a privacy point of view. If you’re going for a modern or industrial loft appeal, they offer a grand entrance to your property and stands out for your guests at first sight.

While you’re investing time and money to select a perfect door for more curb appeal of your home entrance, remember you are investing in something that is not only appealing but will last for years. Need more inspiration? We’ve collected some front door designs, old and new, from around the world in the slideshow, enjoy.

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