Cleaning Carpets

Carpets can give any space in your home that personal touch in your home decor. However, before you pass up the idea of carpets because you think it’s too hard to maintain, here are some tips to guide you on how to maintain and clean your carpet. 

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It’s true, every day dirt, dust, pollutants, germs, stains are all around the home. Carpet tops trap any soil, pollen, airborne dust mites, pet hair, food particles and other dust particles generated from foot traffic of your family. These contaminants can build up in carpet fibres that can cause general deterioration of your carpet.



How often should you clean your carpet?

Uncleaned carpets carry pollutants, particles, and germs which can be released into the air. Your family starts breathing dust mite debris, pollens, pollutants, fungus, spores, bacteria, all nasty substances that can cause your family to be sick and unhealthy. But don’t get too worried, all you have to do is monitor the dust and dirt, make sure you vacuum every week, and get the carpet cleaned from a reliable carpet cleaning company.

Carpet cleaning by a professional cleaning company should be done once a year. The type and frequency of cleaning also depends on the heavy traffic areas and what kind of stains are on the carpet. Proper, professional cleaning will not leave a sticky residue behind and can bring back the original look to that lovely carpet.

Soil particles, stains from drinks, juices and food can stick on the carpet causing a colour change, and becoming permanent patches that will not be pretty to look at. The longer you wait between each carpet cleaning, the more dirt can become permanent inside the fibres of the carpet.

Uphold your furniture

It’s not just about carpets, you need to maintain any furniture with upholstery and fabrics. This can also extend the lifespan of your furniture, especially antiques.

Vacuum cleaning once a week keeps upholstery furniture and carpets clean, in addition to improving home air quality. Focus on the areas that are more exposed to dirt and dust. Frequent vacuuming helps to increase the life of your carpet and also keeps it fresh and new. Vacuum cleaning prevents dirt and soil from penetrating the carpets that can cause premature wear.


Professional cleaners use many advanced tools and techniques with new products available in the market to clean the carpet, but don’t forget to talk to them about eco-solutions instead of tough chemicals. If you clean your carpets on a regular basis, there are now really handy green products you can spray onto your carpets and wipe away or to prevent future stains, so look around your local stores today. Don’t forget to schedule that professional deep cleaning to remove any allergens, grease and dusty residues at least once a year or two.


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