Whether you regard white interiors as a retro thing or the most universal style of choice, Scandinavians have been doing them for ages. White themed designs are considered sleek, peaceful and chic. However, it isn’t that easy to create an entire house or even just a living room all in white, unless you’re using white in the right shapes and contours and color palette and with the right effects. So how and where do you start? Read on to start your white plan.

White loft interior with dresser, table and chairs


Start with one room
If you intend to create an all-white house by yourself, start with one room first. You never know how the design and your ideas are going to come together, so it’s a better idea to experiment on a small scale to find out what will work best. For instance, white floors are tricky to keep clean and looking fresh. Do you want your couch to be white too?  What will be the overall effect?  Can you sketch out the scenario or better yet, 3D model it on your computer?  If needed, you should consult an interior designer, just for the initial input, which will give you a start on the canvas and the right ideas to create something new. Talk to a custom furniture builder (like DecorWorks) who can help you with ideas depending on what you want to achieve. Nothing beats a mock up or model to help you visualise the space and make some decisions.

White interior with kale green chair, rug and small table

Compose with shapes
Nothing will look more mundane than a white utilitarian space or the white sanitary look. Modern white interiors are all about shapes, volume, details, curves and patterns. Create them with plaster, glass, plastic, metal, drywall, marble, stone, wood etc. You need good craftsmanship and plans to do this right, so never assume white interiors are easy!

White scandi interior with wooden desk, triangle shelves and plants

Find paired colours
White is not all white. White actually looks best with natural wood, veined white marble or limestone, stainless steel, nickel, silver, translucent and coloured Plexiglas, patterned and stained glass, metal or glass screens and modern sculptures. White themes need to be cushioned by colours, soft or bold.  And with white, most colors and materials will be a contrast, so use them with care. For example, you can add one ornate armchair or recliner in an almost empty room as an accent piece or a big colourful art piece on the feature wall of a large white room.

Spacious white interior with place for wood supplies. In the background dining hall with table in the middle

Finally, working with white will demand some care and maintenance, which should be considered from the start. Upholstery and soft goods can be Scotchguard and white washable wall paints should be on your list. As for the flooring, white marble or porcelain tiles are your best bet, and they are in several shades of white, so make sure you choose the right ones. There are also white tiles that have wood finishing effects, this will add warmth and charm to any living space.

Minimalist white bedroom with big bed and brick wall. All in white colors. Bedroom interior concept.
Interior of modern loft with white sofa 3D rendering
Shot of a stylish living room with white furniture
Interior of white stylish bathroom 3D rendering


Origami graphic- simple decoration in minimalist white interior
White interior with modern wooden table and lamp



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