What To Know About Custom Curtains And Drapes

Custom curtains and drapes can come up to quite a significant decorative cost but the right retailer can help you buy luxury drapes and curtains well within your budget. With the right advice, you can get good quality and the right colour so that every room in your home has a story to tell of its own. 

Colour coordination is important in any home and this holds true for curtains as well. You may buy the most excellent looking luxury drapes or curtains but if they don’t complement the rest of a room, then it may not be money well spent.



Start with the colours of your walls 

When it comes to colour coordination, first consider the colours of the walls. Whether the walls are a light colour or dark, this should decide the colour of your custom curtains and drapes.


Dark colour combinations

If the colour on the walls is dark or strong you can tone down the look of the room by using neutral coloured luxury drapes. White almost always works well with dark walls. You can also use other neutral colors like oyster, ivory and buttercream. If you don’t want solid colors and instead are more interested in patterns then using the wall colour along with the neutral color in a pattern will be ideal for a more personalised look.


White colour combinations

If you have a light colour on the walls, then repeating the colour in your luxury drapes is a good idea. One of our all-time favourites – White curtains for white walls do look great! You can use a colour that is two tones lighter or darker in shade than the wall colour and this will also look fantastic in any room. There is also the option of using complementary colours but for this you need to do some research. You can find the list of complementary colours online and this will help you choose the right colour for your curtains.


Monochromatic colour combinations

Many people prefer monochromatic coloured curtains for that classic look. Monochromatic colours on custom curtains and drapes may be exactly similar to the wall colour or a couple of shades darker or lighter than the wall colour. You might even want to choose colours that belong to the same colour family. Apricot and burnt orange, for examplepastedGraphic.png, belong to the same colour family.


Patterned combinations

Patterns are also very popular and worth considering when you redecorate. Usually patterns where one colour is similar to the wall colour and the others colours in contrasting shades are always top favourites that work every single time.


Brighter colours in the living room and the children’s room and darker colours in the bedrooms are always good bases to start. Luxury drapes will cost you slightly more than standard curtains, but when you’ve got the right curtain and drapes, that will go a long way for your home decor look.



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