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Can you believe it’s already May and even better, summer is coming? It’s been a long winter and after the mad rush of cleaning your home for Chinese New Year which came earlier this year after the string of year-end holidays, it’s time to relook into your decor for a refreshing look for the rest of the year.

When you decorate, do you consider balancing the elements in your home? Balance in the home can be as simple as, having a pair of lamps on two side tables to balance the look. In fengshui we look into “balance and flow” and some basic rules of decorating. These tips below are a handy to-do guide.


⁃Have your bed easily approached from both sides

⁃Have 2 bedside tables (one on each side)

⁃Avoid having the bed in a direct line with the door

Best fengshui colours for the bedroom are considered the so-called “skin colours”.


Keep all bedroom doors closed at night, be it the closet doors, the en-suite bathroom door or the bedroom door.


Small plant in the bedroom is okay, but don’t go beyond that small plant.

The ideal bed placement allows you to see the bedroom door while laying in bed without being directly in front or in line with it. According to fengshui, having a view of the door without being too close to it gives you a sense of safety while you rest and is conducive to relaxation and sleep. Typically, this ideal bed position is in the corner of the bedroom diagonally opposite the door.


The head of the bed should be placed against the wall rather than under a window or away from the wall. A bed against the window is though to cause Chi to enter and leave through the window, resulting in restless sleep.

In addition to a good headboard, you always want to have a solid wall behind your bed. When you sleep under the window, your personal energy tends to get weaker over time, as it has neither proper support, nor protection.

Finally a bed shouldn’t be positioned under a structural or decorative beam or ceiling fan. According to fengshui, this isn’t good for either health or relationships. IF moving your bed isn’t an option, fengshui practitioners sometimes recommend hanging a bamboo flute (a special fengshui device) from the beam to offset the effects.

The area under your bed shouldn’t be used as a storage area and should be as clear as possible. Your closet should also be tidy and the door should be closed at night, or it’s thought to be depleting. Periodically weed out clothes that are no longer worn or consider getting organisers to hold accessories.

Although water generally symbolises money in fengshui and is thought to be beneficial in other areas of the home, water in the bedroom may promote financial or relationship losses. If you do have an inspiring, relaxing or uplifting piece of art, one of the best places for it is on the wall opposite your bed. Its’ the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, and the last thing you’ll see when you go to bed at night.

In general, try to choose pairs of accessories. Adults should have two nightstand a rather than one. Ovals and circles, whether it’s the shape of your nightstand or the type of accessories you select, curves are far better than shapes with sharp corners.

Light blues, greens, and lavenders are considered to be restful and conducive to sleep. But too many cool colours, such as grays, blue or stark whites are believed to interfere with relaxation. A balance of 50% warm skin tones and 50% cool blues, greens or lavenders is often suggested. There should be no chandelier in the bedroom.


Best fengshui headboards are the ones that are solid and made from wood, or the upholstered ones, as they have a very good combination of solid, but also gentle and supporting fengshui energy for you and your bedroom.


Clutter under Bed

Why are the beds with built-in storage considered bad fengshui? Because the energy needs to circulate around your body when you sleep, which is not possible if the space underneath the bed is blocked.


The other fengshui criteria for a good bed placement are:

Good supporting wall behind your bed

Grounding and balanced energy on both sides (e.g. Nightstands)

No sharp angles from wall or furniture corners pointing at you while you sleep

It is always smart to position your bed away from the walls that have electric appliances on either side e.g. Computer, fridge, or the TV. Of course it is the best fengshui to limit (or completely eliminate) any electrical appliances in your bedroom.

Although it is nice to see an attractive, cozy bed as you enter the bedroom, the bed should never be in line with the door. It should be balanced on both sides (to promote a harmonious flow of energy in a relationship) and have a solid supporting headboard. No matter how tempting, the space below the bed should not be used as storage.

Fresh flowers

Contrary to popular belief, a small bouquet of beautiful flowers in the bedroom is excellent fengshui.

Best Fengshui Bedroom Colours

Metal: White, Gray

Here are some easy Feng Shui colour tips for your home:

Green: excellent for improving health and balancing family life when used in the East Fengshui Bahua area of your home

Blue: very good fengshui choice in the North Bahua area to support the energy of your career growth or in the East (Health/ Family) and SouthEast (Wealth/Money) to water and nourish the wood Fengshui element

Yellow: Strong yellow in South fengshui Bahua area for happy gathering and good times

Pure White in the West Fenghsui Bahua area (Creativity & Children) will bring supportive energy for all your creative andeavours

The colours of bedroom walls, window treatments and other decor elements should work well together and certainly work for you personally. In Fengshui, the best colours are determined based on the occupants birth data and the interaction of five fengshui elements. For example, if you are an metal fengshui element person,

Best colours for you will be wait her earth fengshui (brown, earthy colours, light yellows) or metal fengshui colours (white, gray)

You will need to avoid fire fengshui element colours (red, orange, strong yellow and purple), as fire fengshui element melts the metal fengshui element. Candles are the best lighting for the bedroom as it creates a healing glow, candles also refine the energy of any given space.


Advanced Tips:

Be sure to properly treat the fengshui energy of the Southwest area of your space. The fengshui element to nurture here is Earth, so you will bring items, colours, and images that strengthen either the Earth or Fire Fenghsui elements, and avoid too much water, wood, or metal fengshui elements.

Apply love-specific fengshui cures, such as objects in two, rose quartz crystals, or more personalised fengshui cures of your choice.


No mirrors, in south, needs fire colours

Place mirrors in: E, SE, N, combined with blue shades of wall color

Home Office

Hang pictures of nature and outdoor scenes (but not in the bedroom)

Place healthy plants next to computer





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