Handy Tips on Laminate Kitchen Countertops

Modern kitchen design

Laminate countertops are back in demand because of their affordability and durability to withstand the demands in the kitchen. These countertops come in different designs, colours, dimensions and textures. If you are planning to update the look of your kitchen then why not consider an affordable laminate countertop?

Choosing the countertop material that meets the particular requirements of your family and lifestyle is important, and most importantly stay within your remodelling budget. With a vast range of laminate countertops available, it can become quite challenging to choose the right one for your kitchen that will look perfect for your decor.

Modern kitchen design
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Here are some tips to help you find the right laminate kitchen countertop:

The Right Texture for your Decor

You can find laminates in several colors to complement your decor style. For instance, if you want to replicate assorted metals, then faux metal laminates are the best choice as they come in a variety of coatings and textures. To give the space a modern look, opt for the stainless steel ones, while for a traditional look, go for quilted copper laminate. The faux stone laminate can give that chic, classic look of granite countertops. For a simple, minimalistic look, go for a wood or faux bamboo laminate.

Compared to metals and natural stone, the price of laminate is more affordable, but can vary based on the manufacturer and width of the laminate. Installation is normally an extra cost, but some stores might offer complimentary installation services, so do remember to ask. Don’t forget to go to a few stores and make some comparisons before you make your final decision.


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Do Tests on Samples 

Laminates are often known for their durability but before choosing one, you should actually do a scratch test on laminate samples by rolling a pizza cutter or sliding a steak knife. Usually, the glossy and solid coloured laminates tend to show the scratches more than the matte finished laminates. If you are looking for something that can last for decades, then go for the traditional laminate countertops prepared with resin and craft paper.

Since laminates are available in several colours, it is better to take a few samples home and place them on the kitchen counter top and match them with the kitchen wall colours and cabinets. You can check how they look in natural light and in the kitchen lighting.

Apart from all these points, you should also focus on some other things like if you have kids at home, do double check on sharp edges and corners. If you choose wooden edges, make sure the coating is touched up occasionally to keep them looking stylish. Another note to make is, whatever edging you select does not interfere with the dishwasher door or any drawers.

So what about cleaning and taking care of laminate countertops? Here are some vital tips you need to know before committing it into your kitchen redesign.

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How to care for Laminate Countertops?
You need to take very good care of these countertops, especially the cream laminate countertops. Ideally, the first thing that you should not do is use cleaners along with abrasives. The laminate surface will be damaged by cleaners that have creams or foams with abrasives in them. You should always use a damp cloth to clean. In case you are using cleaners, they should be of the multi-surface and non-abrasive variety. This will ensure the surface becomes dry soon after.

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The Big Do Nots
Don’t place hot objects on the laminated surface, like pots straight out of the cooker or oven. It is also better if you do not cut things directly on the laminate surface to avoid scratches. You should also not drag anything on the surface like unglazed pottery and metal objects. Do refrain from using a polish that has wax since such products can make the surface turn dull.

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How to Deal with Streaks?
Countertops that are dark coloured can sometimes appear to have streaks after it has been cleaned. When this happens, use a clean cloth and small amount of multi-surface cleaner to wipe off the residue and bring back the shine. Laminate kitchen countertops are capable of resisting stains from the majority of chemicals that are used in our households. However, some chemicals with strong colours may leave a stain that cannot be removed so try to opt for more gentle cleaners and read the labels for any cautionary warning.

Dealing with the Dangerous Stains
Stains such as red wine, grape juice, beetroot juice, and berry juice needs to be wiped off immediately when spilled on laminated kitchen countertops. Cleaning with water normally is enough, but you can use a multi-purpose cleaner too. In the case of dark-coloured countertops, you can use concentrated bleach to remove the stains.

By following these simple tips, you can certainly bring home the best laminate countertop for your kitchen and keep within your budget.

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