Home Decor Challenges

Home décor is never an easy game, whether it’s for a small apartment or a big bungalow. In fact, decorating a small home or flat is more challenging than big spaces. In small homes, it is more challenging to implement all your creative elements into the same limited space. Despite these challenges, the outcome of your innovation and creative efforts can result in a pleasant look combined with comfort.


The critical thing about decorating small apartments is space, which is limited and predefined. But with some careful and creative ideas, you can recreate the same space to look great, that even your neighbours will envy. It needs not more, just some clever storage ideas, a few different colors and complementing fabrics.

What about all those other decorative items that add to the overall look and feel of the rooms, such as flooring, wallpaper, fabrics, colours, furniture, and accessories? Home décor is all about the creativity that you do with your ideas and not on the budget you spend. Have fun with your partner or the kids by getting them involved in a small DIY project on the weekends or during school holidays.

Proper planning is the foundation of home decoration. Whatever your budget and time constraints, here are some quick and easy budget-friendly ideas and tips to consider and get your creative juices flowing!

Tip #1 If you are living in a small house and space is precious, try to use every corner but don’t make your room smaller by putting random stuff everywhere you can. Restrain yourself from buying random home décor items that don’t match.


Tip #2 An uncluttered area not only provides more comfort but also gives an extra space to shape your decorative ideas. So, organize your home wisely and stop buying home decor items on a whimsical shopping spree. Take a moment to create a mood board of the items that you want to put in each room, then sit back, try cutting the items down to half of your favourites, and that will form a good basis to get you started.


Tip #3 Try to use your rooms for different purposes or in other words make them multi-purpose, like a hall can be a dining room and the kids room can be a study or exercise room. Organize your store room to double up as a library for all your books and work files. If there is space in the balcony area, use this as a guest or entertainment area. Use seasonal colors for fabrics and wall paintings that reflect your personal style or memories from trips that will be great conversation starters when friends come over. Sometimes all it takes is a different cushion cover or a fresh coat of paint to bring out that aged sofa or chair, into a more modernised room. Most important of all, just have fun with it!


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