How Glass can transform your Home

Are you planning to get your home renovated? You can either get it renovated or remodeled to create more space or to change the look of the house.

We love wood, but sometimes, it’s clearer on the other side. Yes, the other side of glass. Remodelling your home with glass features does not necessarily have to be expensive. Getting to transform your house from the current look to something more sophisticated and luxurious can be done in a budget. You do not necessarily have to shell out big bucks to make this transformation happen.


Don’t be so surprised. Many architects and interior decorators have been cleverly using glass to create an illusion of more space and openness in small spaces. Whether it is your house or office or shop, you can also employ this trick to make the space appear larger than it actually is.

The use of glass gives out a very welcoming feel to a congested space. It creates a transparent environment and makes the place look inviting. Interesting use of glass as partitions and hangings not only give a modern look to the house but also give it a sophisticated look as well.

One of the easiest ways to improve the interiors of the house is by giving a face lift to the bath area. One can install glass shower and bath screens to create a rich and luxurious feel of a five star hotel right at their homes. Accessorize with a matching mirror and other items, it would end up looking no less than the spa at a hotel.



Another easy and obvious method is to get your pool covered with a glass fence. If you are lucky to have a pool in your home, you can secure it with a glass pool fence. It would solve two purposes. One, it would protect the kids and pets in the house from falling into it and second, it would not block out the view. This secure barrier is far more appealing than the unsightly fence. The most popular and demanded design is the frameless glass fence that can be installed with the help of stainless steel spigots. The great thing is that these offer customization and can be designed to meet any requirements. Similarly, glass balustrade tends to look great and offers secure fencing options. These also do not hinder the outside view.

Big mirrors in the house make the rooms appear larger. As they reflect more light inside, they also brighten up a place and make it appear lively. They can be installed in the bathrooms or can be sported in the living area itself as a decoration. You can select among framed or frameless types with smooth and polished edges for protection.

In the same way, pet doors, office partitions and shop fronts can use glass to alter the usual appearance and adorn a trendy looks. At shops and offices, the open and well lit spaces are one important factor that impresses the clients and customers. The floor to ceiling panels that are installed, are made from heavy A grade glass that also offers the required safety.

So make use of the humble glass in your home to give it a modern and sophisticated look without going overboard with your budget.

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