How To Choose Rugs For Your Entrance and Hallways

Entrances and hallways in the home have some of the most traffic in your house, so besides as part of decorating, having a rug also protects the flooring in these areas. Did you know that some rugs are designed to protect your flooring from wear and tear more than others? How and what do you choose?

First of all, what’s the difference between carpet and rugs? Runner rugs and hallway runners are often narrow and long rugs designed for small areas like halls and entry ways. Two of the most common materials used to make runner rugs and hallway runners are actually seagrass and sisal, which is native to southern Mexico and is cultivated for its fibre.

Why are natural materials preferred? Well, rugs made of natural fibre are very durable, attractive and eco-friendly. Other types of rugs might offer a cushioned comfort around the sides, which will be great for the bedroom or in front of a large window. They instantly transform boring hallways to attractive and welcoming parts of the home. The size of these rugs are typically 8’long by 2’6’’ wide. When you don’t have space for a full-size carpet or rug, these runner rugs are the perfect solution to add comfort and colour to your home.






Why Choose Natural Fibre?

Natural materials such as sisal, jute, and seagrass are an environment-friendly and healthy choice for your family. These rugs are made of plant fibers that grow fast and are completely biodegradable. As the rugs are made of natural substances, they will not emit volatile organic compounds gases which have adverse effects on health. They also bring warmth to your house by bring nature in with welcoming organic colors like brown and green. The rugs are handcrafted by skilled artisans who weave beautiful patterns into the fibers  to create these sophisticated and elegant rugs. however, what you might find lacking in runner rugs are rug pads, which can be solved by buying non-slip pad or tape to place on the floor underneath your natural rug. The non-slip rug pads offer additional protection for flooring and prevents the rug from sliding on hard surfaces and wooden floors.

How to Choose the Right Pattern

Most of the time, for a grand entrance, a striped runner rug is usually chosen to visually extend the space. Geometric patterned rugs work perfectly for a lived-in-mid-mod look or for a glamorized modernism theme. Some of the most popular hallway rugs are ones with floral patterns, which blend seamlessly with vintage style or bohemian houses. Oriental rugs have numerous flower patterns, rich colors and matches well with traditional décor.

Although a runner rug might be a small decorative piece in your home, they do set the theme and tone for the rest of your house, so choose wisely. If you want to keep it simple, opt for a more easy-to-match, solid-colored rug, which will easily go with most decor.

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