If not properly taken cared of, bed bugs are like “silent killers” that can just get worse very quickly. Here are some quick tips on what to look out for at home, after all, you spend most of your life in bed. It’s time to care for your family and you!

Tips to prevent and/or get rid of bed bugs:

– Breakfast in bed seems like a good idea on weekends, but keep your bedroom clean by avoiding food in the bedroom
– If possible, change an old bed and mattress, after all the springs will not give you adequate support after a long time of usage
– Use Metal Bed frames instead of Divan Beds.
– Prevent water or liquid spillage on the floor or carpets
– Leave windows open during the day time for better ventilation
– Avoid overusing heating because bed bugs just love warm temperatures
– Keep your kitchen clean and don’t leave out dated or old food laying around the house and bedroom
– It’s a hassle but if possible, try to hoover your carpet on a daily basis or a few times per week
– This seems like an easy one, but believe us, people don’t usually do this – Turn your Mattress regularly
– Changing your bedsheets daily or every second day would be an ideal situation for everyone, but seriously, this can’t be kept up every week, so at least try to change your bedsheets every week!
– This is a hard one to do, especially in space deprived Hong Kong but try if possible not storing anything underneath your bed
– Clean out your closet, chest of drawers on a regular basis and also to check there isn’t any mould leaking on damp clothes, leather bags or just accumulating in humid weather conditions of Hong Kong or anywhere in the world if you live near the sea
– This one is up for debate because at DecorWorks, even our staff are tossed on the reliance of antiseptic and antibacterial cleaners vs. natural cleaners – Use antiseptic cleaners for your flooring and don’t throw and leave clothes on your floors for ages
– Use mattress protectors and wash them regularly
– Get rid of old furniture laying around
– Don’t leave rubbish on the floor and try to keep your floors clean especially if your kids are making a mess all the time
– Repair cracks and plaster or glue down loose ends of any wallpaper used in the house to eliminate any potential harbourage of bed bugs
– If you’re new and moving in, negotiate with your landlord to get the carpets and air-conditioning units cleaned out, don’t be afraid to ask for a record of this!

If you do get bed bugs in your beloved bed, the best solution is to change your mattress immediately! Don’t hesitate.

If you think bed bugs “die” in the winter months, think again, they only succumb to cold temperature below freezing and the chilling period must be maintained for at least 2 weeks.

There you go, it’s easy to prevent bed bugs and more hassle to get rid of them, so act soon and today please. Your family will love you for this!


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