Decorating your rooms with a wood accent wall or a mural is a fabulous way to transform your living space. Whether your decor preference is vintage or contemporary, you can use a wall accent to create a décor statement. Wall accents can be made of colors or patterns. The trick is to know how to add them in the right place to achieve the perfect room ambiance.

Real photo of an elegant dining room interior with golden accent
Contemporary art and wall accents that bring out the chic furniture and decor in the dining room
Dining room, kitchen and entrance
Bright color art piece becomes the centerpiece in an open concept kitchen and dining area
Luxurious hotel interior with elements of traditional Balinese design minimalist earth tones style
Large simple tone mural in living room
Luxurious hotel interior with elements of traditional Balinese design minimalist earth tones style
Simple earthy tones that accentuate colors in furniture

What is a wall accent?

A wall accent can be anything, a piece of art or geometric patterns on the wall. It is a decor style that is great for the living room and master bedroom walls. For impressive walls, accents can work like magic, giving your rooms a different dimension and appearance. 

So here are some of the best ways to decorate your rooms with wall accents.

Kid's bedroom with green accents
Green and monotone colors for a boy's bedroom
Room with pink accents
Bright peach colors for a baby room
Bedroom with earthy color palette
Bright art and colors for a master's bedroom

Bright mural accents

Is there anything more beautiful than a vibrant mural? A mural accent can give happy vibes to your room no matter how small or large it is. One of the best ways to add mural accents is to go for simple and elegant designs. Keep the colors bright and do it professionally with a local artist if you can. If you can get the mural right, your living room or bedroom will just become alive. 

Empty playroom with embossed decorations on wooden wall
3D illustration Mockup photo frame in bedroom rendering
wooden wall background, vintage old wood

Rustic wood accents 

Go for a wood accent wall if you prefer the old, rustic vibes. Wood accents are also great for cozy interiors. If you want to add warmth and a vintage style to your home, this is the ideal choice. Wood accent walls can also be done with wood scraps. They provide textured surfaces that looks stunning for both modern and classy room interiors. The best part is, wood accents are suitable for office spaces and study rooms too. 

Modern hotel lobby with abstract wooden wall
Geometric wall accents and seating

Abstract & geometric accents  

One of the unique ways to add charm to your rooms is using abstract and geometric accents. Mix-n-matching various colors can be perfect abstract wall art. Adding to this dimension, geometric patterns can create the illusion of space and brightness when done properly. For abstract wall accents, the best place to start is to choose what looks perfect with your room furniture and wall colors.

Rustic wood and green moss wall art with red and orange accent color
Abstract wood wall accent with green moss

Do-it-yourself wall decor

Many prefer to add their own signature creativity to their space. The DIY method is very popular these days owing to Youtube videos. To start, you need a clear idea of space, colors, and textures to do accent walls well. As a beginner, you can start with simple textured or geometric wall accents. There are also 3D rendering apps that can help visualize a space.

Wall accents are visually impressive works of art. The trick is to get the right accent for the right walls. Best of all, it’s a great project for more family fun and exploration into interior design and decoration.

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