Decoration Tips for your New Condominium

Decorating a condo can be quite different depending on family size, lifestyle needs, if you have children, that beloved pet or two, and if you entertain regularly. All this can make decisions more complex than you think, while you’re putting down that list of wishes.



Besides new curtains and furniture, there are other steps that you can use to be more efficient in your planning of this new, splendid interior space, here are some tips:

1. Most of us never inspect our new homes after getting the keys. Even though the condominium developer offers well-designed interiors, it is still necessary to check if there are any loopholes with the flooring, wiring or tiles implemented in any part of the house. Check for issues like wall cracking, water leakage and tiles breakage. Address the need for repair, as soon as you uncover any problem areas of the house.


2. Overall planning is essential before taking any action. Outlining the floor plan and measuring how much space each piece of furniture can take, will help you stay within your budget.

3. Condos are getting smaller and smaller these days, so space is precious and should be decorated adequately to maximise what you really need. It is also essential to avoid clutter in the living space and bedrooms, so the basic rule is to keep it simple. Having an open concept helps create an invigorating effect on the mood of the house too. Read our blog post about An Open Floor Plan here

4. If you’re not buying a brand new complex unit, a condominium can be refurbished by adding a new floor plan to the house. Consider timber or good quality tile flooring, which is an excellent way to offer a personalised look to your personal style. Check with your contractor is you can take down any partition and open up the rooms or kitchen area so that it’s bigger and more functional.

5. The curtains of the living area must complement the color of the walls. For example, If the walls are white in color, consider colours like blue, green, maroon, pink, peach or yellow colored curtains for a fresh theme. For 2015, nude and browns are very popular. For the walls, having bright colors like purple, deep reds or orange tones will go well with curtains featuring light hues. For 2015, the most popular wall colours are green tones, which helps to energise the occupants and is the favourite colour to invite prosperity and wealth into the home.



6. Always aim to buy furniture with multiple uses as it’ll save you money and optimise your space. You can buy a bed with a box in it for accommodating several household items underneath. Buy tall cabinets with shelves and drawers that can be used for decorative items and other objects like a music system or to stall your computer.

7. If you feel the need for extra cabinets, it can be installed in the walls of the room. Wooden cabinets installed in the walls looks neat and offer scope for proper space management and efficiency, especially for a home office.


8. Make use of stylish lamps, LED bulbs and tube lights, or prominent candle holders, beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to add to the relaxing mood of the home setting.



9. Every room should have a different paint scheme. While the kids’ room color scheme should be bright and lively, the living room can be in light, inviting pastel colours. Paint a bold colour for the feature wall at the main or longest wall of the living room or behind the television wall, to make it really stand out in the entertainment space.

10. Using Feng-Shui items like wind chimes, laughing Buddha or mirrors for decoration are great ways to keep positivity vibes flowing through the home.


11. Designer mirrors and glass features in different areas of the home creates a wonderful optical illusion and looks amazingly stylish. This can even be a weekend’s DIY project in-the-making.


12. The space of the balcony can be well-utilized by adding a small outdoor dining area or a nice reading chair.

13. Whenever possible, green indoor plants and flowers are always a great way to bring nature into your home.


14. Last, but not the least, if you don’t know where to start your home decoration, chat with us today.

Your home should be your haven, so that every minute you spend at home is relaxing, calm and refreshes your mind when you get home after a long, busy day.

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