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Modern kitchen design

In any normal kitchen you will see a significant amount of wear and tear over time, especially if you have a big family. Without a big budget, changing your kitchen cabinet doors can be a smaller DIY project you can do to update your kitchen and even transform the overall look. 

In a kitchen, countertops and tiles get the maximum eyeballs but cabinet doors are important too. To help you decide on the style that best suits your kitchen, here are some pointers:

Raised panel

Raised panels are ideal when you want to add some dimension to your kitchen cabinets. In this particular style, the middle panel is raised and the kitchen door is surrounded on both sides by carved edges. These add depth to the cabinet besides the significant visual details. Rest assured that the raised panel style gives your kitchen cabinet the classic style and will not go out of style.

White cabinets and wooden panels

Mission style 

As far as kitchen cabinet designs so, these are the most common options to choose from so most people go for this one. In this style, the doors have clean lines and has the flexibility to match any kind of kitchen you have in mind. The centre panels in these cases are flat and framed. To make the doors more elegant, beautiful and appealing, you can use glass to replace the central panels.

If you’re using some accent wood for these mission style cabinet doors, they get their beauty and appeal from the wood colour too, such as the natural wood grains found in  oak wood. No matter what changes you make to your kitchen you can always be sure that these will blend into the style you’ve designed.

Interiors of the Modern Kitchen
Minimalist modern kitchen design clean uncluttered space, kitchen cabinets in natural wood, cooktop

Shaker style

The Shaker style is quite similar to the previous cabinet styles. With a central panel that is flat and outlines the door, this design is surrounded by a wide wooden frame. Between Shaker and Mission styles, Shaker has a soft look compared to the Mission style. The Mission style focuses on a strong door design and comes with extra vertical lines and slats. Shaker is normally made from cherry, walnut, or maple wood but Mission is made primarily from oak wood. If you want your kitchen cabinet style to have that countryside charm, go for Beadboard or the Arched Cathedral style.

Counters and cabinets in modern kitchen
Interiors of the Modern Kitchen

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