Kitchen Remodelling Tips to Class It up!

Modern luxury kitchen with island counter

The kitchen is one of the most practical, most widely used and favourite areas of the home. Kitchen remodelling is work but here are tips to make it fun and practical. Around the world we get to see different designs, layouts and structures of home kitchens that often reflects the lifestyles of the owners. So what’s your style? 

The décor of the kitchen depends largely on the materials chosen for the design concept. A tropical themed kitchen could predominantly make use of easy access to bamboo materials for the interiors, and even as cooking utensils, pots, bowls, plates and accessories. Typical kitchens seeking an earthy theme could use earthen pots for storage and cooking. It’s fun to take wonderful ideas from different places and actually incorporate them into the remodelling of your own modern kitchen.

kitchen table top

Tip #1 Think Fresh: The first rule of thumb in remodelling a kitchen or for that matter any part of the house is that you should be able to bring a new look to the space. It’s not about changing everything in the kitchen, but introducing small and different elements like fresh colours, accessories, decorative pieces and decor in such a way that the place looks refreshed. Colours for small kitchen should stay within light, bright and pale colours. If you have more space, try to contrast dark and light colour tones, so if your kitchen cabinets are going for a dark based colour, go for a light coloured marble for the kitchen top.

Large modern kitchen interior in white colors

Tip #2 The Kitchen Cabinets: You’ve got to be practical and yet elegant about the design of kitchen cabinets. If you’re custom building from scratch, that is a luxury you should not take for granted because you’re able to add functional designs that use space that would otherwise be unused or under utilised. You can get some glass doors to match a sleek design to utilise the space properly, but remember with glass doors, try to keep the items inside neat and tidy. Sliding doors and attractive kitchen cabinet and door handles make the space look really trendy. Check out our blog on the importance of kitchen cabinet handles

Dining area of contemporary kitchen
Well-lighted space of open plan kitchen

Tip #3 Good Lighting: The kitchen has to be well-lit either by natural sunlight or by artificial lighting. Incorporate both big and small lights in the kitchen so that you can use them according to your needs. Large windows or glass doors will also be helpful to make the space feel bigger and also allow more light penetration. Placing a few plants near them will really bring out a natural touch to the place.

Interior Of Kitchen

Tip #4 The Ceiling: People don’t pay much attention to the ceiling unless it is leaking, but the ceiling plays a big role in making the kitchen beautiful and spacious. Grab some trendy ideas for the ceiling and experiment with some appealing colours according to the theme you have for the whole kitchen.

Open plan spacious kitchen with ceiling beams

Tip #5 The Floor: The kitchen floor goes through a lot of cleaning, mopping and busy foot traffic, so careful as to what kind of material tile to use under such usage. Going for tiles which have wooden finish or matte or durable types of wooden flooring with a high quality finish should be the best choice for a kitchen.

Scandinavian Open Kitchen Interior
Scandinavian kitchen
New kitchen in neutral colors

Tip #6 A Splash of Colour: The best way to bring liveliness into a kitchen is to be generous and tactical in using a base combination of colours. These colours can influence your cabinets, accessories, plates and cutlery to the colour of your drinking glasses. If you have gone with subtle and pale wall paint then make sure your cabinets have an appealing colour that pops and the cabinet handles should make a statement. One of the walls can have a bold and bright crafting to break the monotony of pale walls. Some bold coloured crockery will bring a lot of life to your shelves too. If the kitchen island is made of marble or any light coloured materials, consider picking modern designer chairs in striking colours to bring in a classy contrast.

There you go, your kitchen is going to make meal times a blast.

nice modern kitchen, wood, warm colors
Interior of modern kitchen in orange color

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