Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, it grows even faster than giant sea kelp in the ocean. Bamboo is not a tree, it’s actually a giant grass that grows hard woody culms. It’s a very cost-effective material to produce, which means products are much cheaper and it provides us with sustainable wood for construction. Not-to-mention benefits like it is chemical-free, odor resistant, antibacterial and biodegradable. Here’s our top essential bamboo products we can’t live without.

  • Bamboo kitchenware, cutlery, straws
Different wooden utensils on wooden table
Zero waste concept. Cotton bag, bamboo cutlery, glass jar, bamboo kitchen brushes, straws on green
  • Bamboo toothbrushes and toiletries
Different Kinds of Hygiene Objects in Bathroom, Zero Waste Concept
Green and monotone colors for a boy's bedroom
  • Bamboo cleaning products
Zero waste eco-friendly concept.
  • Bamboo toilet paper

Bathroom interior with toilet bowl
Geometric wall accents and seating
  • Bamboo towels

spa towel, bamboo sticks and candles. overhead view
Abstract wood wall accent with green moss
  • Bamboo bottles

Eco friendly cosmetic bamboo bottle
  • Bamboo sunglasses and accessories

Eco-friendly plastic-free bamboo objects on wooden background
  • Bamboo pet collars

Lovely puppy wears collar around neck, poses on comfortable sofa with white plaid, being at home
  • Bamboo flooring

simple bedroom interior
Dog napping on pet bed over hard wood flooring
  • Bamboo shades/ blinds

Stylish natural living room with raw wooden furniture and orange accents

Bamboo blinds and shades provide a lot of usage and benefits besides being eco-friendly and sustainable. The material is affordable, environmentally friendly, durable and you don’t have to worry much about maintenance.

Lighting and illumination concept - Lamps ceiling lights are hanging from bamboo roof
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