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Using A.I.  ‘Prompt Engineering’, you can dream up any kind of imagery and art. At its most basic, it’s just using words to paint a picture of what you want to create.

You can create an A.I. Art piece from text or start with your own image. Can’t decide? We can do everything for you, just complete your order and contact our design team here

  1. Start with a Core Prompt or a Central Theme
    1. The ‘Core Prompt’ can be, for example,
      1. Panda eating bamboo
      2. A fairy with a magic wand
      3. Icelandic landscape with farm house

      The core subject can be as imaginative as possible.

  2. Choose a Style
    1. For example, given the core prompt of “landscape,” the model would likely generate landscapes that were realistic or in the style of an oil painting.

      Having a well-chosen style together with an effective core prompt is sometimes enough to create a fully-realized concept; after the core prompt, the choice of style influences your final image the most in a simple prompt.

  3. Define any Art or Style
    1. To make your style more specific, or the image more coherent, you can use artists’ names in your prompt.For instance, if you want a very abstract image, you can add “in the style of Pablo Picasso” or just simply, “Picasso”.
  4. Add a Finishing Touch
    1. You can add anything you want for a finishing touch, but here are some examples that work well:

      Highly-detailed, surrealism, trending on artstation, triadic color scheme, smooth, sharp focus, matte, elegant, illustration, digital paint, dark, gloomy, octane render, 8k, 4k, washed-out colors, sharp, dramatic lighting, beautiful, post-processing, picture of the day, ambient lighting, epic composition


How This Works: After an order is made, our design team will get in touch to start the design process. After the final design is submitted to you for final review, if for any reason you do not wish to proceed, a full refund will be available within 48 hours from the time of review via email confirmation.  After 48 hours, the sale is final. 

Size Chart

Canvas frame size dimensions available: 12"x12" | 12"x16"

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