Stay on Budget with Luxurious Kitchen Design Ideas


Even the most luxurious kitchens started out on a budget, yes it could be a bigger budget, but let’s take a look at a few things that make your kitchen more luxurious. And at the same time, design your dream, luxurious kitchen by staying within your budget. Even if you have a modest spending plan, you can still include a few luxury items in your kitchen, here’s what to look at:



Countertops are the the first thing you have got to start with. They create a huge impact as someone enters the kitchen because it’s often the first thing someone sees, well, besides the kitchen cabinets probably. The shade of the countertops has to complement the tone of the kitchen. Choices are bountiful from marble, granite or some fancy stone finish for the countertops.

Accessories in the kitchen are much like jewellery. You need those attractive top quality items to add that special personal touch to the kitchen. Whatever you decide to install needs to make its own accent in the kitchen.


The next big item in the kitchen area is the cabinetry. Many homeowners help make their kitchens luxurious by picking specialized all wood cabinetry. With custom made cabinetry, you can easily create your individual atmosphere in the kitchen whether it’s white cabinets, coloured cabinets or even some darker kitchen cabinets. Dark cabinets are often paired with light toned countertops no matter what material they are made of.

Usually people end up investing a lot of the budget on custom made cabinetry but there are ways to save some of the budget.

Rather than using highly-priced material like oak cabinets or perhaps stainless-steel material all through the kitchen, you can use these kind of exotic material on only strategic places to help you lessen some cost. Try spending more of your money on the walls that draw your eyes into as you first enter the room. Rather than choosing highly priced material to place all over the kitchen, you can choose to place products of expensive finish in just very important areas. It is possible to opt for low priced elements together with expensive materials to help lower your expenses. Creating this kind of “blended design” can save some costs and look great too!

You possibly can also pick from over-the-counter cabinets if the budget isn’t going to stretch into custom built cabinets. Many sellers are offering impressive designs in kitchen cabinets which often follow current or most popular trends. Don’t underestimate these cabinets or put them off your plans just because they are pre-made. Some small changes can make a difference at a fraction of custom built cabinets.

Kitchen units

We know this is a hard one, but don’t spend a huge amount of your budget on the kitchen unit. A high priced design would mean adding a number of specifications in the unit and will demand you to spend a substantial budget on getting things like the kitchen sink, base unit, work tops and more. But don’t buy very cheap units either. If you do your homework and plan right, nobody would even recognize that you didn’t custom build your unit.


So at the end of the day, two designs stand at the top of our list, kitchen cabinets and the choice of countertop.

Instead of acquiring brand new cabinets, consider getting your current cabinets refaced and painted to save on costs. It’s a wonder how a fresh coat of paint can actually make your kitchen look brand new again. Lastly,go through your budget with your partner and see where you can reduce your budget and spend on the expensive items that really matter.


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