Every proud host will spend a lot of time planning and overthinking about how to impress guests and make that special meal even more delightful with well thought out table decorations. 

Here is our checklist of some ideas to consider when creating that special festive mood this season:

Simply Elegant: Small touches that go a long way.

Stylish formal dinner table setting with red roses, serviettes tied with red ribbon and bread rolls set out on side plates amidst assorted glassware.


A combination of darker colors for a more bold, masculine look.


Elegant place setting for dinner parties if shades of lavender and purple is your thing.

Touches of long stem roses for that accents of red.

Red and Bold: People who want to go all the way out to impress and have fun with the color of the holidays!

Christmas Family Dinner Table Concept


Traditional dishware on Christmas table.

Make your plating bold and stand out.

Traditional dishware on Christmas table


Warm Family Charm: The choice for the rustic, traditional, but yet pleasing few who enjoy decorating but with elements that will suit everyone’s taste for the night.

Treats on the table: Sweet Homemade Christmas Figgy Pudding with Powdered Sugar


Full-packed family get-together Christmas Celebration Concept


Festive table with a natural theme accented with natural fabrics and botanical decorations.



Healthy meals at the festive table served with Ratatoille, cheese, corn and chicken barbecue, sandwiches with mojito and lemonade


Mulled wine for Christmas and festive decorations on holiday table.


Big plates for sharing food and red napkins to tie-in with the theme.

Outdoor lights and small bouquets of flowers at sections of the long table.


Minimalist: Keeping it simple, simple, simple.

Botanical Fun: When the plant life doesn’t only have to be on your plate, but also a feast for the eyes.


Table setting for dinner with miniature Christmas trees/ plants


Elegant table set up for Christmas with plants spread across the long table.


Christmas table setting with over-the-top christmas decorations.


Christmas dinner table setting with fir tree, gift box.






Fairytale: This is always the theme to go with if you want a magical night of fun and imagination. It does lean a bit more to a feminine or childlike wonderland, but some details can be done to not leave out the grown men in the family.

Festive table setting for Christmas in blue-and-white fairy and magical theme.

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