Window Terminology for Custom Designs

New windows for your home or office can be a great improvement and enhance the aesthetics of your home style. Don’t forget to check with your property management company about window restrictions for apartments, or with your local municipality if you live in a house.Before you head out to the […]

The Best Way to Clean Your Windows

Everyone loves a clean house, but when it comes to cleaning, that’s the part no one likes. In fact, many people dread window cleaning plus windows seem to get dirty again so quickly.   The good news is, with the right method, your windows can remain clean! Using the right […]

4 Ways to Dress Your Windows

If you’re tired with the same old look of your rooms, isn’t it time for a change? So, why not try refreshing the look of your windows? Replacing them or just sprucing them up may surprise you how much the room looks different with just some small touches. If you’re […]

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