Are you tired of shopping for furniture that never fits and what about carrying your measuring tape in your bag all the time when you need to shop for your home? We were. After living and moving houses countless times in Hong Kong, imagine how much money you lose each time from paying movers, to having to leave behind furniture that don’t fit anymore.

Over the years, our skills in ‘making the best of limited space’ grew and one by one, our friends started to love our ideas on how to make their own living spaces more liveable. Soon, we started to design furniture to solve space issues that gradually led to the establishment of DecorWorks Asia. But not just any type of furniture, it has to be sustainable. The furniture should be custom made to fit especially odd, small spaces of Hong Kong homes, but at economical prices and made from recycled wood to be environmentally friendly.

We are inspired by our love of the ocean, thereby always trying to incorporate beach culture into our love of the great outdoors, finally bringing about the combination of ocean inspired motifs and materials with sustainable recycled wood.

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