Tips for Decorating Awkward Spaces

Do you have an awkward corner or nook that you just don’t know what to do? Well, this blog is for you with tips on how to decorate the most awkward spaces in your home.


Styling a Corner

If you have a big house, corners are usually ignored, but if you have a small home, these corners are probably “wasted” spaces you don’t know how to make them functional spaces. Most people would place a plant, small shoe cabinet or a coat hanger or even an abandoned piece of furniture. If the corner is too small, consider hanging a single lampshade with a bulb which will brighten up the space, or think about building custom storage in this corner if you are lacking storage area in a small home. If you’re renting and don’t want to spend too much, pack your belongings into portable storage boxes, pile them in this corner, label the boxes so it’s easy to find what you need the next time, and cover the corner with curtains so that the home remains neat.

Behind your Living Room Sofa

If your living room is big, chances are your furniture is a little scattered throughout the space, so what do you do with the space behind your living room sofa? You can add definition to the back of your couch by putting an ornate cabinet or elegant console table behind it. Make the most of the space and add a few baskets underneath. The length of the baskets depends on the size of your console. Decorate with a pair of lamps, personalize with your favorite picture frames and a few coffee table books to complete the look.

Hallway Decoration

We often underestimate and undervalue hallways in the home. Hallways are more important than just connecting rooms to one another. With the right ideas, even the most awkward hallways can transform the look of your space. Besides the selection of small furniture, the most important part of decorating hallways, is the lighting. Hallways should be illuminated with warm and glowing lighting. Use small decorative crystal chandeliers, hanging lamps or lanterns to add a more dramatic touch.

Depending on the size of your hall, you could add a console table along with a few matching frames, or a large centerpiece on the table such as a crystal bowl. You can also hang family portraits along the hallway to remind you of happy memories. If your hallway connects to your kids’ room, you could hang a chalkboard to write their to-do list or as reminders for the family.


Underneath the Stair Case

Some of the best storage places in your home are those that are well hidden. What about revamping the space underneath your staircase? Before you can see the potential of this hidden space, the first step is to clear it, give away any unwanted or unused items and keep this space as clutter-free as possible. Dirty carpets are the biggest turn-off in tiny places. If you can’t DIY it yourself, it’s well worth the cost to hire professional carpet cleaners for a complete clean-up. Since the stairs are well used by everyone in the family, it’s also a great place to hang pictures, motivational and positive quotes, or if you can, add a bench or sitting area that matches the overall look of the hallway and living area.

Narrow Walls

In the home, there are usually narrow walls that divide each room. How can you make a narrow wall pretty? You can add a small table with fresh flowers in a vase to brighten up the space, or put up a small chalkboard for your kids to write down motivational messages. This helps nurture positive communication in the family especially during a busy routined week.


Annoying Diagonal Walls

We all have that diagonal wall in our house that we just don’t understand why it was designed there to begin with, but instead of ignoring it, decorate it to complement the decor of the house. Choose a suitable painting for your diagonal wall that would fit right in. You can even put up a spotlight to give the area more dimension or add accent mirrors to accent that space and some decor accessories.

Behind the Door

When we first move into a new house, it might look like there are plenty of empty spaces we can use. But soon we want to utilize every possible nook and cranny in the rooms. A place you might miss is behind bedroom doors. Doors are not opened all the time, and could provide you that little bit of extra storage space for your shoes if you have a small home or live in a studio apartment. It’s also a great space to hang a full length mirror if you have limited wall space.

Top of the Cabinet

It can be impossible to keep a kitchen tidy in a busy household. No matter how much storage you have, it never seems to be enough and there will always be this random bunch of stuff overflowing and peeking out of the cabinets. We have a simple solution that will help decorate that awkward corner and tidy up your kitchen. We often leave the top of the cabinets empty as it is super inconvenient to keep anything that would be hard to reach. But this is also precious space you can use to decorate it with your most stylish pieces of crockery. This also helps give your kitchen a neat look in a matter of minutes, without adding any extra storage space. If you do not have space on top of the shelves, you could put up some wooden shelves and decorate them using your finest dish-ware.

Underneath Tall Windows

If you have moved into a house with windows extending from floor to ceiling, there are not many ways to utilize this space. As much as we are a fan of decorating small areas, the area in front of these windows is meant to be left alone. However, if you happen to have wall space underneath the window you can add a small bench or some cushions for a quiet reading spot. This will create a seating space which will be perfect for taking those sunny selfies.

Around Unwanted Wiring

Old houses are often plagued with some unwanted wiring around the house. You’ve probably spent a great deal of time trying to hide those bits of electrical wiring. What you could do is fit read-made plastic wire coverings on the edges of your walls, and since these plastic coverings are white, they are not very obvious against a white wall. Otherwise, there are plenty of wire organizers in the marketplace you can use to cable tie them together in a safe manner. Or perhaps cover the space with more efficient shelving space and maybe even with a painting or two. 


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