You want your children to be happy in their new home. Even though you may be thrilled with what you already have, children can be finicky. This is especially true if the only room and home they knew before was the one they just left for your new place. Redecorating your child’s bedroom can help to brighten their mood and it can help them to acclimate to the new home more quickly. Even better, get them involved in the decorating to create more personalisation. Kids know what they like!

Stylish child bedroom at home
Kid's bedroom with wooden furniture

What does the child like? It’s important that you get input from your children when you are redecorating the room. Let them have some input – albeit reasonable input – on things such as the color, the type of bed they will have, and the like. Making them a part of the decision making process, just as you were a part of the process of choosing your new house or apartment, and they will be happy, and even excited to contribute their ideas.

Messy kid's bedroom with toys and wooden furniture real photo

One of the things that you want to avoid though is mistaking your idea for a great child’s bedroom with what they really want. Maybe when you were growing up, you always wanted to have a cowboy theme. If your child likes dinosaurs, not cowboys, the theme simply won’t go over very well. Remember, it’s about making them happy. When you do, they will love what you’ve created as much as you do.

Wooden table in kid's bedroom

However, make sure that you don’t follow too many of the pop culture trends unless you plan to redecorate again in six months. The hot cartoon and Disney characters of today might be old news next year. Keep things relatively simple, and use bedding, posters, picture frames and the like for the most popular characters of today. Those things are far easier to replace than a mural on one of the walls.

Whenever possible, add that magical fairytale touch to the bedroom that will wow even an adult, let alone a child! Plus it’ll be a great setting for bedtime stories… dream away!

kids bedroom for girl
Modern kids bedroom with wooden walls
Small childrens bedroom with furniture
Small childrens bedroom with furniture
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