Teak is a hardwood native to Southeast Asia and well known to be extremely durable, dense and hard. Teak wood flooring is available at a win range of costs depending on quality and the source of the wood. 


Teak from Thailand is better in quality but Thailand has made it illegal to export teak because of deforestation. Thus, the Teak available on the market at present is either Brazilian Teak or Burmese Teak. The differences between plantation teaks and natural teaks are that plantation teaks tend to fade to grey under UV exposure more readily. Durable, water resistant and pest resistance denotes that pieces of teak left in fields for years have been gathered and repurposed for furniture and artwork.

Benefits and Qualities of Teak Wood Flooring:

• As flooring material, it resists damage from high traffic, pet claws, and growing children.
• The oils in teak wood give it its natural pest resistance and repels termites.
• Hand scraping gives teak a look of old world charm and antiquity with a more rustic and less fussy finish. This type of surface finishing may be more desirable with the grain pattern and density of teak.
• Proven durability over time and the wood’s ability to withstand water damage, rot, and to repel insects.
• The rich reddish brown color of Teak flooring and if left untreated, the surface will gradually turn a silvery grey with UV exposure and remarkable properties.
• It does not chip or dent easily, and does not splinter.

Teak generally grows to about 40 meters tall, and the oldest known Teak tree is over 1,500 years old. Wherever you choose to buy your teak, ensure that it is certified sustainable by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Teak has been used for centuries in the hot and humid climate of Thailand and Southeast Asia to build temples, furniture, floors, farm equipment and exquisite works of art. The Teak Wood Flooring needs to have a coat of oil applied every 2-3 years so that it retains its water and insect repelling properties.

With the allure of beautiful and expensive hardwood floors, investing in quality teak wood is not only going to save you maintenance problems, but will add to the value of your home.

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