Whether you’re into contemporary, antique, rustic, or modern, a wood accent wall is a great way to add some extra character and style to your home. There are many different ways you can go about adding a wood accent wall, how you can explore and choose the right fit for your space.

Wall made with slatted wood

The first method for adding a wood accent wall is to purchase pre-made wood paneling or boards from a home improvement store. This option is the quickest and easiest, but it can also be more expensive than some of the other options. When purchasing pre-made wood panels, make sure you measure your space correctly to ensure that you buy enough panels to cover the entire wall as a DIY project.  

The second method involves hiring a professional carpenter or contractor to construct a custom wood accent wall for your home. This option allows you to customize the design and size of your wall, while also ensuring that it will be built according to code and with quality materials. This option is more time consuming and expensive than purchasing pre-made panels, but it will give you the most precise and professional looking result. 

The third option involves creating a DIY wood accent wall. This method requires more work on your part, but it can also be less expensive than hiring a professional contractor or purchasing pre-made panels. To create a DIY wood accent wall, you’ll need to purchase the necessary materials, such as plywood, lumber, nails and screws. Once you have all of your supplies ready, you can begin attaching the pieces together to build your wood accent wall. Make sure that all of your joints are secured properly with nails or screws so that the wall is stable and secure.

Scandinavian vintage wood cabinet with chair by a dark blue wall

1 – Looks great anywhere
One of the best things about the wood accent wall is that it looks great everywhere. There are hundreds of ways in which you can include a wood accent wall to the décor. For instance, you can add a wood accent wall in your living room as it can add an elegant look to the entire space while making the environment more relaxing and give off natural good vibes.

Picture frame on a wall with Scandinavian home interior

2 – Eco-friendly choice with rustic vibes
Reclaimed wood always adds up to the beauty of any room. Especially if you love to have a piece of history in your humble adobe, choosing reclaimed wood is going to be an amazing and thoughtful choice. The wear and tear, the small nail holes, the imperfections, and all those markings are going to be the most unique ones at your home. Also, you are doing good by making an eco-friendly choice as the reclaimed wood is already harvested and processed a long time ago. 

3d rendering wood wall in living room with sofa near window

3 – Unique patterns and textures
You can give that empty wall an interesting look by building on various patterns and textures. Be it a contemporary setup, rustic or modern one, you can look into tons of ideas when it comes to a wood accent wall. Patterns like wooden curves or integrated shelving can be integrated into the wall design and dramatically change the dimension of the room.

Dining area near wooden panel and beige wall in modern interior living room, 3d rendering
Stylish wooden design in trendy scandinavian apartment with white wall

4 – A wood for every style

With wood engineering options today, you can choose different types of wood for your home décor. For instance, if you’ve decided to go with a modern décor theme for your home then the Walnut in a neutral shade can be one of the best choices for the wood accent wall.

Ideas for wood accent walls are limitless, start with the style you want, and then choose the right colour according to the colour scheme and aesthetics of your home.

Chopped stacked firewood on a shelf in white wall.
Interior design of modern Scandinavian dining room, 3d render
loft scandinavian living room with working table and wood decor

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