Looking forward to a fresh new spring? Is it time to paint the exterior of your home? We’ve got some handy tips on the best types of paints you should use for a quick and easy outdoor reno, depending on the type of material or surface you’ll be working with. Although there are many types of paint that work best outdoors, it’s important to choose the right one for your project. With the right choices, your walls, facade, terraces will be able to endure different weather conditions better over time. After all, it’s the first thing you see when you get home and the first impression of your home when friends and relatives visit.

Modern House Exterior

1 – Outdoor Latex

If the surface is in good structural condition (after checking for cracks or moisture), then exterior latex paints are a great option. It provides the best support and resistance to severe weather conditions, such as rain or direct sunlight, which causes extreme and variable temperatures over the seasons. Latex paints are easy to clean and does not emit strong fumes but may not be as durable (as other paints) or hold up as well in harsher environments over time. 

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2 – Waterproofing

If fissures or micro-cracks are found on the surface, the most suitable paint is the so-called waterproofing paint. This style of exterior painting provides greater elasticity, applied to the natural texture of the walls and provides protection against moisture and water. Oil-based paints are another choice for exterior projects because they are more weatherproof and can withstand the elements better than latex paints. Oil-based paints are more durable but can be toxic if not used properly, and can cause respiratory problems if breathed in over a long period of time.

Modern house entrance with garden and wooden deck

3 – Textured Wall Cladding

There are many different types of wall cladding to choose from, such as natural materials like limestone and sandstone, bricks, tiles, plasters and plastic coating for walls, also known as Tarquini. Textured cladding is very effective and can be applied very easily to cover facades, outdoor surfaces and in turn, gives them texture, and color, with the added protection needed against extreme weather conditions. The finished result gives the most contemporary outdoor setting to a modern home, and it’s often cheaper than brick works.


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4 – 100% Acrylic Paint And Acrylic Vinyl

These outdoor paints are so popular, you can find well over a thousand colours, in matte or satin finishes. 100% acrylic paints offers the highest protection in places with high levels of humidity (for example, coastal areas) and even alkalinity problems. Its distinctive feature is that it forms an anti-fungal film, and is generally very low maintenance. Acrylic paints are a great option for outdoor projects because they are highly durable and less toxic than oil-based paints. Acrylic paints can also be used on a variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, brick, stucco, and metal. They dry quickly and provide a glossy finish that is resistant to fading.

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5 – Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint is another option for outdoor projects because it provides an even more durable coating than acrylic or latex paints. It also has excellent adhesion qualities which makes it ideal for use on galvanised steel or aluminium surfaces. However, epoxy painting takes longer and must be applied in several coats in order to get the best results.

No matter what type of paint you choose for your outdoor project, it’s important to prepare the surface properly before painting. All surfaces should be cleaned and sanded before applying any type of paint, and a good primer should be used to ensure better adhesion. With proper preparation, any one of these paints can provide a beautiful and long-lasting finish for your outdoor projects. 

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