Types of Handleless Kitchen Doors

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Modern minimalism has definitely been a mainstay of decor trends in the last few years. One of its impactful trends has been in the kitchen, favouring clean lines, flowing open-concept designs and softer colour schemes.  Modern furnishing calls for flawless and seamless minimalistic interiors ranging from your bathroom vanity to your kitchen cabinets and doors. Yes, modular kitchen designs has ditched the use of handles and home-owners are getting their kitchens equipped with handleless kitchen doors. There has been a considerable shift from handles to push buttons for opening kitchen cabinets, doors and drawers. So what do you need to know about this practical trend, and how do you get started? Read on for our recommendations on remodelling your kitchen with handleless kitchen doors.
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Handleless kitchen doors come with various benefits such as: 

1  Does not require a very large space, so even a smaller space can be converted into a spacious area for all your kitchen chores.

2  Break free from the hassle of cleaning the handles or the filth that gathers around those knobs.

3  These doors are very easy to use especially at times when your hands are occupied with dishes and trays. With a push button on the door, you can use it with more ease and comfort.

So before you get started on your dream kitchen designs, here are some tips to know about the different types of handleless doors to choose from:

•  J-pull handleless kitchen doors: In this model, there is a J-shaped groove so you can curl four fingers in and pull the door without any difficulty. Also, the glossy or matte surface of the door does not get dirty or leaves marks from greasy fingerprints.

•  True grip style: This style requires a stainless-steel channel on the top of the door which is placed between the upper part and edge of the door to allow your fingers to curl into the groove and have a safe pull or push.

•  Tall cabinet kitchen doors: For all the tall units that are placed adjacent in the kitchen, a C-shaped groove is created in the middle which gives a closet like look. Commonly referred to as shadow gap channel, this groove can be replaced by a horizontal channel placed in-between two adjacent doors. Therefore these tall units are commonly utilised for the fridge-freezer unit in the kitchen.

Free from the limitations and drawbacks of traditional choices, handleless kitchen doors can work wonders with wooden, glass cabinet doors and even steel structures in your kitchen. Over time, the pay-back on the convenience and modern look of your handleless kitchen doors will be well worth the investment compared to traditional kitchen cabinets with handles.

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