The toilet has come a long way, and nowadays there are a wide range of styles and functions available, so digging a little deeper will ensure you get the best model that will last you for some time. When you’re budgeting for a bathroom renovation, thinking about the toilet is often the last thing on anyone’s mind compared to the other vanity items. After all, a little time spent on researching for the right toilet goes a long way when your toilet can last you 10 or more years.


Here are a few basic things to bear in-mind:

Is it water-efficient?
Lavatories account for 0.3 to 1% of your family water consumption – however that doesn’t mean you should cut back on flashing to save on your water bill! New technologies and innovative products are now making it simpler than ever to be green within the restroom.

In addition to being environment friendly , a water-efficient version will help you save on your water bill, so investing in a high megastar rating toilet now is a wise choice with long-term benefits. You should also check if the flush buttons include water intake according to usage (in litres) for a full, 1/2 and common flush, so you can flush accordingly to your needs.

Is it the right fit for your bathroom size?
in relation to lavatories, length is very important. The type of bathroom you have will dictate the kind of toilet you purchase, its size, and mounting style. If you have a small bathroom, the available length might restrict you to which models you can choose from.

When you have a tiny lavatory, you may maximise the gap with a wall-hung toilet and in-wall cistern. These types of models have been growing in demand because they create a modern-day finish while freeing up ground space. It’s a way to personalise your toilet, also for that minimalist look.

If you still prefer the conventional toilet suite, there are plenty of new, slimline models to choose from and if space isn’t an issue, why not consider a Japanese toilet seat? Some models can be added onto your existing toilet option, or you can buy one completely fitted out as a Japanese toilet with brands like Toto.

Is it durable ?
It pays to know what your toilet is made of, literally, so check for durable materials, which includes vitreous china (porcelain), instead of plastic or maybe metal, which can be unkind in the winter months. Also test the warranty and what covers you, especially if you have a Japanese toilet.

Is it easy to clean?
Less nooks and crannies will make cleaning less difficult. Let’s face it, the bathroom is one place you need to spend as little time as possible with a brush. One-piece or wall lavatories are easy to wipe clean and mop below. Your bathroom can also have concealed trap ways, that are more visually attractive, on top of being easy to clean.

What to do with the installation?
If you are replacing a restroom, most people will set up the new model in the original spot, in order to utilise the present plumbing connections, rather than re-route the plumbing, which can be complex and expensive. If you have a better layout in mind, make sure you get a few quotations from a professional contractor or plumber to find out the best options available.

There are various things to cope with when installing a bathroom, which can be difficult for any diy-er. If something goes wrong, your home insurance might not cover you due to the fact that you didn’t use a certified plumber. So reconsider doing it DIY.

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